Sterling Allan of has posted a pretty high quality video he recorded while at the conference. I have not yet reviewed the video for content but have seen enough to know that the audio and video is much better quality than what I was able to obtain … his video is at https The quality of the audio and video in this recording are not so good. This is a capture of a live stream someone at the conference was sending using a built in laptop microphone and camera. But its the best live material from the conference I was able to get my hands on. So for those who might have liked to attend, but could not, hope its better than a stick in the eye. for additional information about this presentation please see the BLOG entry at Zurich E-Cat Conference September 8-9, 2012 I will be carrying the live streaming of the E-Cat conference from Zurich. Sterling Allan is supposed to be in the audience and we may be able to get questions to him. Much about this session is sort of up in the air. My understanding is that it is investor related and that the focus is on getting distribution channels in place. But there is to be an announcement related to what has been called a third party validated demonstration of the technology. Rossi said this about the report today: I do not know, but my paper tomorrow will not be anything special: it will explain a R&D work, with the description of measures made on the Hot Cat: such R&D work will have to be completed, so many

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