Microsoft to pull plug on Messenger

Autore: Welcome to Fudzilla

Skype migration scheduled for March 15

Microsoft’s Messenger service is about to join the great Redmond scrapheap of obsolete tech and services.

Microsoft will pull the plug on its Messenger service on March 15 and over a hundred million users will be moved onto Skype. However, users in China will be able to use Messenger after the cut-off date.

Redmond informed Messenger users about the transition on Wednesday and kindly asked them to “upgrade” to Skype. While Skype is superior in almost every aspect, it still features some annoying drawbacks and users have been reporting issues when using their Windows Live ID on Skype.

On a positive note, Windows Live ID users are now able to receive messages from Messenger, Hotmail, and Xbox accounts on Skype.

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