MyDigitalSSD SMART & BP3 mSATA SSD Review

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MyDigitalSSD Introduction

The consumer SSD market is quite similar to the DRAM market. There are only a handful of NAND manufacturers (most of which make DRAM as well) but there are dozens, if not hundreds of SSD OEMs. Compared to DRAM there are obviously more components involved because on top of the NAND you’ll also need a controller and possibly DRAM as well. Thanks to Marvell, Phison and especially SandForce you don’t need a huge team of engineers to make an SSD because you can buy and license everything from third parties. Even manufacturing can be outsourced so basically what you’re left with is distribution and marketing. That, of course, is if you choose the easiest route, which isn’t necessarily the ideal option because there are already plenty of other companies using the exact same strategy.

MyDigitalSSD is one of the not-so-well-known SSD companies. They don’t have a presence on NewEgg or many of the other major online stores, though you can find some of their products at Amazon. Since MyDigitalSSD doesn’t have the resources it takes to build their own controller or firmware, they are left with using commercial controllers, SandForce and Phison in this case. Unlike many other SSD OEMs, MyDigitalSSD’s aim is to provide something for everyone. Typically SSD OEMs, regardless of how big they are, only offer a few products that are almost without exception 2.5″ SATA drives. MyDigitalSSD’s approach is totally different as they offer SSDs ranging from standard 2.5″ SATA drives to PATA SSDs and half-slim SATA SSDs. We don’t often see such form factors used but there are laptops that rely on some of these uncommon SSD solutions. Of course if you’re buying in volumes big enough (like Apple), then anyone will build you whatever you like; that makes finding upgrade parts difficult, so MyDigitalSSD is specifically targeting that market. 

MyDigitalSSD sent us their 256GB SATA 6Gbps mSATA SSDs in for reviewing. Complete specifications are in the table below:




Capacities (GB)

64, 128, 256

32, 64, 128, 256


25nm synchronous MLC (IMFT?)

24nm Toshiba Toggle-Mode MLC


SandForce SF-2281

Phison PS3108-S8

Sequential Read



Sequential Write



4KB Random Read



4KB Random Write



MyDigitalSSD’s SMART SSD is a standard SF-2281 based mSATA SSD and there are other OEMs such as Mushkin and ADATA offering similar products. What is more interesting (at least from a novelty standpoint) is the BP3 (“Bullet Proof 3″). It uses a new SATA 6Gbps controller from Phison, a company that’s more known for their USB flash stick controllers. Our first encounter with Phison was with Crucial’s v4 SSD, which wasn’t very pleasant as the v4 was one of the slowest SSDs we have reviewed in years. As far as the specs go, the PS3108 seems to provide a much needed improvement to the random IO performance segment; we’ll see how the PS3108 holds out in real world in just a second.

There aren’t all that many commercially available mSATA SSDs because most are sold directly to OEMs, so most SSD manufacturers have chosen not to have a retail mSATA SSD lineup. MyDigitalSSD doesn’t have presence at NewEgg or other major online resellers, but they do have their own store called MyDigitalDiscount which is also at Amazon. I took MyDigitalSSD prices from MyDigitalDiscount whereas the rest are from NewEgg:

In terms of pricing, the BP3 is very appealing. It’s easily the cheapest mSATA SSD that I could find and by a fairly large margin. The SMART, on the other hand, is one of the most expensive mSATA SSDs so MyDigitalSSD is clearly trying to position the BP3 at the low-end while offering the SMART for the high-end.

4 thoughts on “MyDigitalSSD SMART & BP3 mSATA SSD Review

  1. dovrei collegare un masterizzatore esterno sata (un liteon con firmware burner max) ad un portatile sprovvisto di porta sata, come posso fare? come alimento il masterizzatore?

  2. Come da titolo ho HD sata con xp sp2 e un HD pata come archivio,ora il problema è che (mi è capitato 2 volte) mi appare la schermata blu senza nessun dettaglio,riavvio e nel bios è sparito hd sata,spengo 2 minuti staccando la spina ,riaccendo ,entro nel bios lo riconosce ,lo imposto come primario e tutto riparte come se niente fosse.Ora,secondo voi,chi è il colpevole:l’HD,la scheda madre o qualcos’altro?

  3. Devo creare un mini NAS con ubuntu e ho bisogno di un controlelr sata RAID che abbia il RAID Hardware e non software per installare ubuntu.

  4. Ciao a tutti, posseggo due HDD il primo è collegato in sata dove è installato Win. XP, codesto funziona da boot. il secondo hard disk è collegato in eide con installato ubuntu. non riesco a far avviare da boot il secondo HDD, come posso impostare il bios?

    p.s. spero di essere stato chiaro.

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