Autore: DJ TechTools

Gemini, one of the more silent and inconspicuous players in the digital DJ industry, are stepping up and launching a brand new controller this year at NAMM – the Gemini GV4. It’s another 4-channel controller, with a layout that feels extremely familiar to anyone who’s spent time around Vestax VCI-400 or the recently introduced Pioneer DDJ-SX.

While we’re still waiting for the complete technical specs and product photos that aren’t computer generated like the image above, the press release sheds a bit more info on what users can expect.

The G4V transforms the standard DJ controller into a dynamic performance controller. With 2 full-featured DJ decks, touch-sensitive jog wheels, 4 channels of audio with 3-band EQ and filter controls, and 16 multi-function performance pads and rotary encoders the G4V delivers the sought after controls for spontaneous and intuitive track playback and manipulation.

The pre-mapped FX controls for Virtual DJ bring immediate results upon first use, while the fully MIDI mappable and high-resolution 14-bit controls give the G4V the ability to grow alongside advances in skill and in DJ software. The multi-function performance pads and rotary encoders are detailed and responsive enough for a vast array of assignments and the vivid lighting of the performance pads, function buttons, and active LED level monitors give the visual feedback required in complicated performances where a computer screen can be pressed for space.

With a professional sounding 24-bit PC/MAC audio interface and all the I/O’s needed to monitor, record, playback, and connect a microphone or an auxiliary source the sound leaving the G4V is only limited by the imagination of the DJ behind it.