Fractal Design announces Arc Midi R2

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Aimed at high-performance systems

Fractal Design has announced the newest member of its Arc line of cases, the Arc Midi R2. Aimed at high-performance computer systems, the new Arc is paired up with Fractal Design’s high performance Silent Series R2 fans and a bunch of features that should appeal to enthusiast consumers.

The Arc Midi R2 features a minimalistic, sleek look and feel and high airflow performance, something that is a must in case you want to go for after the enthusiast market. It comes with a window side panel, good watercooling support with thick 240mm radiators in the front and top positions and comes with three Silent Series R2 fans with an integrated fan controller. In case you are wondering, the new Arc Midi R2 can take up to seven fans, supports 170mm deep PSUs (270mm deep without the bottom fan) and 290mm long graphics card (430mm long without top cage). The CPU coolers are limited to 170mm without side panel fan.

The rest of the features include a split 5+3 HDD cages that are both removable and rotatable for maximum configuration and aiflow and even has room for two 2.5-inch drives behind the motherboard. The three fans are supplied with fan filters and the case has enough room for some serious cable routing.

The dimensions are set at 230x460x515mm and the entire case weighs 10.7kg. The price is set at US $ 109.95, €89,95 and £74,95.

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