ET deals: $200 off Dell Vostro 470 Core i7 desktop with Radeon HD 7570

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A lot of us more techy folk appreciate the allure of custom built PCs, whether assembled by us or small companies that will build nearly anything for enough money. While there is both an air of distinction to a custom-built PC and typically a better bang for the buck, the reliability and service behind a corporate-built box is not to be understated.

As our responsibilities grow and technology becomes even more prevalent in every facet of our lives, having something as critical as your main PC go down can be catastrophic; amplify that ten-fold if you run any type of business. So while most of us like having all the latest features and chips in our see-through, blinged-out PC, reliability is worth its weight in gold.

dell vostro 470 side open 250pxWith a deal like today’s, though, you can get both high performance and that mission-critical reliability for a bargain. Dell’s Vostro 470 is aimed right at the people who don’t need or want the full-blown enterprise management focus of their Optiplex line of PCs, but need something more than the average consumer box.

The Vostro 470 has the right mix of features to ensure you can always get your job done and most importantly has one year of next business day on-site service to back it up. If anything goes wrong with your PC, a technician will be at your doorstep the next business day to get you up and running.

What makes this deal hot is the inclusion of an Intel Core i7-3770 processor. Based on the Ivy Bridge platform, the 3770 sports four cores and clocks between 3.4GHz and 3.9GHz, depending on your needs. The i7-3770 works in concert with the 1GB AMD Radeon HD 7570 graphics to ensure impressive performance across the board. 4GB of DDR3 RAM and a 500GB 7200rpm hard drive are included and help keep costs low, with an easy-to-service chassis design ready for when you want to upgrade.

The box comes with Windows 7 Professional 64-bit, ensuring you get the rock solid reliability of the tried and true OS. Ports and tech features are abundant, with four USB 3.0 ports, four USB 2.0 ports, HDMI, VGA, Gigabit Ethernet, media card reader, Wireless-N, and Bluetooth 4.0. There are a total of four PCIe expansion slots (1 Mini, 1 x16) and even a slot for an mSATA SSD if you want to add some speed while keeping your high capacity hard drive.

This powerful, and mission-ready, desktop can be had for $ 699 with free shipping for a limited time, after $ 150 instant savings and a $ 50 stackable coupon.

Click here to start at Apply coupon code W9D06J14FX10WM for total $ 200 instant savings. This deal ends March 1 or sooner.

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