[NAMM] EVH Striped series guitars

[NAMM] EVH Striped series guitars

Here’s a presentation of the new EVH Striped series guitars at the NAMM Show 2013.

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20 thoughts on “[NAMM] EVH Striped series guitars

  1. I dunno man the Mexican strats aint bad at all dude. I think im gonna reserve 1 and play it before i take it away that why i can change my mind

  2. I just noticed on a different video that the stripes on the red/black/white are way off, as well!!!!!

    I sure hope the production models are spot on or you ain’t gettin´my money!!!
    NO WAY!!!!

    EVH rules!!!


    The first thin stripe on the top horn of the black/yellow is off!!! SHOULD BE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FIRST 2 THICK STRIPES!!! The three thick and thin stripes on the top horn of the white/black ARE WAY OFF!!!!!

    What gives, man????? At least get paint scheme right!!!!

    People will be paying some top bucks for these guitars and the stripes are way off!! get your shit together!!!

  4. Andertons is in the UK. They said under 500 pounds. 500 pounds is about 800-900 CA dollars. So probably a little bit less in the US of A.

  5. it’s 500, according to anderton’s video on this too, so its super cheap for a guitar we all have been dreaming for (considering the frankenstein replica) :D

  6. “There’s no excuse you can’t buy all three”…here’s an excuse! Its got A BASSWOOD body! Not sure what happened to EVH and why he switched to playing a basswood guitar without a maple neck after all those years of “chasing tone”. At any rate I might break down and get one anyways…I always wanted an EVH striped guitar and no time to make it. Nobodys ever happy….sheesh…

  7. SS frets….I doubt it. This is going to be a EVH price point guitar. I have a feeling it will still be over priced for a MIM guitar.

  8. J’avoue que j’aurai bien aimé que la vidéo soit sous-titrée, rien que pour savoir ce que nous racontait ce sosie de Kerry King… ^^

  9. Siccome ho sentito la canzone “Let it be” dei Beatles cantata da una donna vorrei sapere il nome della cantante, oppure avere un elenco delle cantanti che hanno cantato questa bellissima canzone. 10 punti assicurati al primo che risponde GRAZIE in anticipo!

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