Dear Esther ha superato le 750.000 copie grazie all’Humble Bundle 8

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Dear Esther ha superato le 750.000 copie grazie all'Humble Bundle 8
Un traguardo importante per un’avventura indie incentrata sull’esplorazione e su una formula narrativa atipica. Jessica Curry, autrice della colonna sonora di Dear Esther, ha rivelato, attraverso Twitter, che Dear Esther ha superato le 750.000 copie. Il risultato è stato raggiunto grazie alla presenza del titolo ne ll’Humble Bundle 8 che ha piazzato 405 mila copie in 4 giorni. Dear Esther è una peculiare avventura indie in prima persona incentrata sull’esplorazione di una misteriosa isola. Link: Twitter – Jessica Curry

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  1. Ciao a tutti,
    ho risposto alla domande qui sotto, potete controllare se sono cformalmente egrammaticalmente corrette? (l’ultima l’ho scopiazzata un pò in giro per cui dovrebbe andare bene)

    Grazie mille

    I was brought up, from my earliest remembrance-like some of the princesses in the fairy stories, only I was not charming-by my godmother. At least, I only knew her as such. She was a good, good woman! She went to church three times every Sunday, and to morning prayers on Wednesdays and Fridays, and to lectures whenever there were lectures; and never missed. She was handsome; and if she had ever smiled, would have been (I used to think) like an angel-but she never smiled. She was always grave and strict. She was so very good herself, I thought, that the badness of other people made her frown all her life. I felt so different from her, even making every allowance for the differences between a child and a woman; I felt so poor, so trifling, and so far off that I never could be unrestrained with her-no, could never even love her as I wished. It made me very sorry to consider how good she was and how unworthy of her I was, and I used ardently to hope that I might have a better heart; and I talked it over very often with the dear old doll, but I never loved my godmother as I ought to have loved her and as I felt I must have loved her if I had been a better girl.
    This made me, I dare say, more timid and retiring than I naturally was and cast me upon Dolly as the only friend with whom I felt at ease. But something happened when I was still quite a little thing that helped it very much.
    I had never heard my mama spoken of. I had never heard of my papa either, but I felt more interested about my mama.
    I had never been shown my mama’s grave. I had never been told where it was. Yet I had never been taught to pray for any relation but my godmother. I had more than once approached this subject of my thoughts with Mrs. Rachael, our only servant, who took my light away when I was in bed (another very good woman, but austere to me), and she had only said,
    “Esther, good night!” and gone away and left me.

    What is the passage about?

    The dicken’s test tells about a Esther, a girl that live with her godmother and she has never know her parents.
    For Esther, the Godmother is a good woman, very religious and nice (like a angel).
    Esther feels different to the godmother, even if she justify herself because there is difference between a child and a woman.
    The girl often spoke with her doll Dolly about the problems and the situation, because Esther would have more love to the godmother and Dolly is the only friend with whom she feels comfortable.
    Esther doesn’t know her parents, and she doesn’t even know where is the mother’s grave.
    Sometimes, the girl speak with the servant, Rachael, that she doesn’t reply to her question.
    Before the servant goes out to the bedroom, she always says goodnight to Esther.

    Who are the characters in this text?

    The characters in this text are:
    Esther, a girl that live with the godmother because probably hers parents are die.
    The godmother, a woman: nice, religious, great, and frown. She takes care of Esther.
    Dolly, the Esther’s doll. It is the only friend of the girls.
    Rachael, a servant, that sometimes speaks with the girl, but without to answer the girl’s question.

    Which is the narrative technique used by the author?

    First-person narrative represents point of view in the writing, it is a narrative mode where a story is narrated by one character at a time.
    The narrators explicitly refer to themselves. This allows the reader sees the point of view only of the narrator, and no other characters.
    The first person narrative is a popular format for its ability to create an immediate connection with the audience. It’s a good medium for creating a personal connection.
    There are also negative aspects, for example the style limits the ability for description.
    Additionally, first-person narratives are usually limited in the mode at which they explore other characters in the story. The good writers can use it as an opportunity to create mystery and surprise.

  2. Al di là del silenzio 1996
    La storia di Esther Costello
    Mandy, la piccola sordomuta
    Il paese del silenzio e dell’oscurità
    Dear Frankie
    the miracle worker.

    se avete da consigliarmi altri film con persone sorde o cieche sono ben accetti

  3. Questa è la mia classifica
    1: 750 000 anni fa l’amore (Banco del mutuo soccorso)
    2: E ti vengo a cercare (Franco Battiato)
    3: Il testamento di Tito (De Andrè)
    4: Impressioni di Settembre (PFM
    5: Gioia e rivoluzione (area)
    6: L’avvelenata (Guccini)
    7: Io vorrei… non vorrei… ma se vuoi (Lucio Battisti)
    8: occhi (Zucchero)
    9: Caruso (Lucio Dalla)
    10: Sfiorivano le viole (Rino Gaetano)
    Ho fatto un mix di obiettività e gusti personali, sicuramente ho lasciato fuori canzoni che meritano i primi posti, ma scegliere è difficile, soprattutto in due minuti!

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