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Another day, another Galaxy S4 from Samsung. This time around, Samsung was reported to have begun successful research on the next wave of alledged  “5G” internet speeds and today we received some kind of feedback of positivity with the company.

Samsung is planning yet another version of the already extremely popular Galaxy S4, which contains a taste of these new amazing speeds. The phone is said to reach an upwards of twice the speed as the regular 4G customers receive today.

Samsung co-CEO JK Shin calls this technology LTE-Advanced which is the next generation of 4G LTE standard. Theoretically, we can be seeing speeds of an upwards of 150 megabits down and 300Mbps up.

Samsung claims that this LTE-advanced version of the S4 will be a “crucial” part of its high-end segment phone offerings in the future but not just now. The phone won’t be available for a while seeing as it won’t have a network that offers those kind of speeds at the moment.

AT&T plans to release that sort of technology later this year and other companies such as Verizon and T-Mobile are also working on LTE-Advanced deployments but, of course, with all carriers it will take time for phones to actually receive the full effect. For now, it wouldn’t be the right time for these phones to be released until LTE-Advanced coverage is abundant in most areas.

Source: The Register