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In the world of motherboards, he who makes the coolest product gets the gold and it seems as if EVGA wants a taste of winning this summer. Right around the corner we’ll see EVGA release a very interesting and good-looking product.

EVGA is proud to announce the X79 Dark, a motherboard geared to please even the most demanding of users groups. The EVGA Dark is a completely re-imagined EVGA X79 platform and the Dark has a number of never seen before features creating a landmark platform for PC enthusiasts around the world.

The motherboard starts off with a full 12-layer PCP, which will improve stability and overclocking as well as keeping the PCB cool along the way. The memory trace layout is also optimized for compatibility that includes full 8-DIMM-slot support as well as better overclocking results.

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Many things have been changed or altered to run better including the CPU VRM, which has also been redesigned using the absolute best in components industry standard IR power stages that provides efficient power to the CPU. We also see a change in the PCI-E layout that has been improved with netter lane distribution for improved performance.

With the EVGA Dark you get increased PCI-E compatibility, 4-Way SLI support and more all on an E-ATX Form Factor board. Some of the additional features come by way of an additional 4 Port SATA 6G controller for a total of 6 SATA 6G connections.


You also get Dual Intel Gigabit LAN connections as well as additional USB 3.0 support for a total of 6 USB 3.0 devices can be attached to the EVGA Dark. One thing that EVGA has been working on for quite some time now is their brand new BIOS.

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EVGA will release with the Dark a brand new GUI BIOS that has no splash screen to click through, no strange menus to navigate and no learning curve all make the EVGA Dark something to be on the lookout for. Thanks for reading Tech of Tomorrow where your opinion always counts. So tell us my good friends, what is your take on the new EVGA Dark? Inquiring minds want to know.


Source: EVGA