Joule Thief – OP2 Circuit Test – 2

Joule Thief – OP2 Circuit Test – 2 Original: kubikop.

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  1. We lost network connectivity to the majority of our customers the other day.

    Due to a large number of alerts on the system, I was receiving multiple calls from other departments. I handed these calls in a calm manner and proceeded to investigate the cause of the problem.

    My first step was to call the internet provider and check the circuit, after which I went to the server room to check the routers and cables.

    Meanwhile, I continued to ping in order to verify whether we were losing packets.

    Eventually, an engineer from the internet provider called with the cause of our problem. It turns out that their router’s CPU usage was too high, causing network connectivity issues.

  2. ciao a tutti mi scrivete queste frase per come si pronunciano?

    1) Semiconductors are between conductors and insulators and their conductivity can be modified.
    2) A primary battery is one that can convert its chemicals into electricity only once and is then discarted; a second battery has electrodes that can be reconstituted by passing electricity back through it.
    3) Simple electric circuits can be classified into two types: series and parallel. A series circuit uses a simple path to connect the electric source to the output device. A parallel circuit provides more than one path for current.
    4) solar energy is the energy that is produced by the sun. The are basically two ways to use solar energy: by collecting the heat from sunlight and by turning solar energy into electricity.
    5) superconductors which when brought down to very low temperatures turn into superhighways of current.
    6) A conductors is a material throught which electricity moves easily.
    7) Insulators resist the moviment of electric charge.

  3. Main automatic circuit breaker
    Security circuit fuses breaker
    Service socket
    High cabinet temperature
    A cosa corrispondono in italiano?

  4. ciao complimenti per il tuo italiano, pensavo fossi italiano anche tu. non sono in colombia , sono a new york alla columbia univerity, in classe mia ci sono anche 2 spagnoli dell ambasciata. si questa estate verrò sicuramente al circuit di barcellona. ma questo anno lo ripetono? perchè non ci sono le pubblicità? non so se conosci l evento del circuit pride

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