Review: Spectrasonics Omnisphere

In light of there being a lot of videos showing-off the sound library, I thought it would be good to put together a video showing you the actual sound design…

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  1. Ciao a tutti! mi servirebbero informazioni su SAMSUNG GALAXY PLAYER G50 (YP-G50CW) fa anche da navigatore? mi potete dire tutto ciò che sapete su questo mp4?
    Grazie mille a tutti quelli che risponderanno
    10 punti alla risposta piu’ completa
    Kisses 😉

  2. BeatMaker mi serve il vostro aiuto!!! qualcuno sa come si crea un synth???
    10 puntiiii a chi mi risponde più una stellina e miglior risposta!!! aiutooo è urgenteee

  3. Appreciate the basic review on the synthesis side, but there’s a lot that you aren’t fully exploring or understanding about what Omnisphere is actually capable of synthesis-wise yet, so some of your conclusions are off. For example, Granular Synthesis ignored here and you are not really understanding the full power of the Orb. You can use it entirely manually in the Mod Matrix and assign it to any parameters you like for example. You didn’t read the manual about what the Orb can do did you? 🙂

  4. The Orb doesn’t simply assign random FX BTW….it’s intelligent mode analyzes and automatically sets up hundreds of parameters. If you don’t like the results, press the DICE and it will come up with something different. If you don’t like that approach, then create something with the ORB from scratch! It’s FULLY user assignable.

  5. You also seem to discount the value of using samples as a source for Synthesis. (as if Spectrasonics is “Cheating” somehow…which is a bit silly). MANY interesting sounds can be created this way and that’s a huge part of Omnisphere’s strength. Being able to mix and match synthesis techniques in the same patch is very useful and produces great results.

  6. If anyone is interested in Omnisphere’s synthesis features, check out Diego Stocco’s “Omnisphere Masterclass” video for a more in-depth review of what Omnisphere is capable of synthesis-wise. He builds sounds entirely from scratch using the synthesis features in more depth than here. Also, Plug-In Guru’s Omnisphere sound design videos are quite good as well.

  7. Eric,

    I didn’t think the Granular Synthesis mode was available for Synth mode?

    I’ll look into the Orb a bit more since I do want anything I post up to be a fair representation of anything I look at.

    I find the FX and filters and the general UI to be exceptionally good, but I’ve got to stand by my comments on the Synth Waveforms – if there were more, or there was a mechanism for designing your own, it would be a lot more powerful on the pure Synth side.

  8. Hi Eric, I have Omnisphere and Trillian and every time I use them I get deeper and deeper. One day I fear I will be unable to get out 🙂
    I hope you don’t mind me asking but is there anything new in the pipe line from Spectrasonics ?

  9. Eric, I am so deeply in love with OmniSphere, as much as a man can be in love with a software synth without embarrassing himself. I have just about every software synth, but OmniSphere is the first place I go when looking for the perfect sound. I check your website everyday for news of the next update, but alas I see none.
    Please explore the human voice meets synth instrument in more detail. I wonder who will create a synth that sings, lyrics and all with detailed control over every part?

  10. This review “is going to be reasonably in depth”. REASONABLY in depth? its a half hour long review. dear god.

  11. I think Spectrasonics recommend something with a 2.4 ghz processor (if a PC), or a Dual Core Mac of some kind. Omnisphere has settings for speeding up things like browsing the library, by not loading up every sample etc. Memory wise, a VST instance with a reasonable about of samples can easily add half a GB of RAM usage, but then you can always bounce a track down to audio if this is a problem.

  12. Memory wise, a VST instance with a reasonable about of samples can easily add half a GB of RAM usage, but then you can always bounce a track down to audio if this is a problem.?????
    I don’t understand this , (sorry i’m italian) can u explain it, please.
    Thank you

  13. You can have multiple copies of Omnisphere running at once in Ableton Live. Each one can use quite a lot of your computers memory (RAM). However, you can just record the audio and use that in the host, and this takes up a lot less memory than having all the Omnispheres loaded up at once.

  14. You can only use Omnisphere inside a “VST” host such as Ableton Live, Cubase, Logic etc. But you could play it “LIVE”, with one copy of Omnisphere running, with the minimum hardware I cited previously with no problem.

  15. great and detailed review. Best one on youtube by far. Thanks a lot for taking your time to do this. Amazing. Keep up the good work

  16. It looks like a couple of hundred MB’s per track/instance in synth mode, but it will vary in sample mode to the size of the patch being loaded, which could be quite a lot more.

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