Sven Väth in the Mix: The Sound of the 13th Season

Label: Cocoon Recordings Cat No: CORMIX042 Available Formats: 2XCD/Digital Release Date: 09.11.2012 Techno and House are in continuous flux and in the end, t…

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24 thoughts to “Sven Väth in the Mix: The Sound of the 13th Season”

  1. imo this is the worst season-compilation of them all. could not find even one track, which I like. by the way; my favourite was the ninth season, whereas the sixth was my introduction to good electronic music!

    peace and love to Sven and to all people around the world.

  2. this is sven and this is is his choices this is music not just blunt beat – so shut up and listen and when you finished listen again and then you will see the difference – u have to be patient – he is a MASTER of him since 1995

  3. Sven rules !!! Love the play with the not knowing . Let em leave at first few tracks so just the coll people will left …. and then……. 😉

  4. track list:
    jo johnson- waff
    do it yourself-wk7
    liuff settanta-margot
    Sawlin – Datamen Working
    Ben Sims – Straight From Bolivia
    in the middle- dennis jr
    everless- &ME

  5. Stop asking track ID, if you look at the pic it’s written on it!!! for every music :))) upvote so people can see!!

  6. Sven is a very good DJ. I’m glad he was at Ultra music festival in Miami and other places in the U.S. recently. He never comes here and i unfortunately missed him the last time he was in NYC. But sounds like a good cd. on the housy side of things.

  7. sven puso en amnesia un tema que la parada era los sonidos de unas ballenas alguien me podria decir el nombre del tema???solo tengo esos datos……

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