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I thought we’d never see the day where we hear “Apple” and “free” in the same sentence. Strangely, yet really great is that a select number of popular apps from the Apple App Store has just became free with no official reason why.

Fingers are pointing to because it being Apples five year anniversary since the birth of the App Store. If you are Googling the all the apps that are free you will be disappointed and frustrated to find out there is no official list to which apps become free for this limited time deal.

My personal favorite app that has just become free is the Day One app. This app is pretty much a virtual journal that can be locked, organized by calendar days and the journal also provides a little quote or word of wisdom to keep you committed to writing in your journal constantly. The app is usually five dollars but is now free in the app store.

There are a good handful of apps you guys can check out. We have a mock up list provided by Tech Tola to show you which apps to check out and they have promised to be constantly updating this list as we discover more free app deals. Apple or developers have not said how long this random outburst of free-ness will last but we advise you to get them while you can even if you don’t plan on using them. You might want to in the future and as long as you have downloaded it once, it will be always shown as purchased in the App Store. Let us know what you guys are getting and share, like, and comment about your experiences with the game! See you guys later.

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