Microsoft plans Surface RT price drop

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Because it is selling so well

Software giant Microsoft’s cunning plan to take the top end of the tablet market appears to be floundering.

While the rest of the world was looking at ways at getting the price of tablets down, Microsoft attempted to take the top of the range with its Surface tablet. However the first results of its handy work, which were based on the ARM chip did not do every well and now it plans to drop the price of the tablets by $ 150.

The lower prices, which will go into effect on Sunday July 14, are likely the result of lackluster sales. Microsoft had sold just 1.5 million Surface RT and Surface Pro tablets since they debuted in October of 2012 and February of 2013, respectively, with 400,000 of those sales attributed to the Pro. HP experienced similarly poor sales with its TouchPad, which was heavily discounted and then discontinued.

With the discount, Microsoft’s pricing will be as follows:

– Surface RT 32GB: $ 349.99
– Surface RT 64GB: $ 449.99
– Surface RT 32GB with Touch Cover: $ 449.99
– Surface RT 64GB with Touch Cover: $ 549.99

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  1. Quale linguaggio di programmazione usa la microsoft?
    Il “C”?
    Se è il “C” quale? Quale versione?
    Dove si scarica?
    Un link serio please!!!!

    1 ora fa
    – 4 giorni rimanenti per rispondere.

    Dettagli aggiuntivi
    Si ma il più comleto è questo “C#” o ci sono linguaggi c più completi che coprono più campi?

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