AmpliTube iRig – plug your guitar into your iPhone and rock out!

APP NOW AVAILABLE IN THE APP STORE! AmpliTube iRig is a combination of an easy-to-use instrument interface adapter and guitar a…

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26 thoughts on “AmpliTube iRig – plug your guitar into your iPhone and rock out!

  1. Loool. that comment was more of a joke than anything. and how would you know if I watch too much television? in fact I don’t watch enough’s just funny to see a lot of people who own androids constantly ask if amplitube or jamup will be on android,when if they did some simple research they’d find out it’s not on android and it’s not completely possible because of the latency issues..Sounds like you got some development problems, who tries to insult by asking if they want a bottle.

  2. Ohhh is the poor baby cranky? Anybody got a warm bottle? Anybody who has hate for other people because they use a different operating system is just showing how childish they are. You outta ease up on watching television, it has stunted your brain development.

  3. Latency would have to do with the app you are using. iRig with AmpliTube has next to no latency. We know what we’re doing with iOS audio apps and accessories. Sorry you had a bad experience with a sub-par karaoke app though.

  4. Is there any latency? Latency issue wasnt mentioned in any of the iMic review and whoa it was laggy when I bought it. Totally impossible to karaoke wit. The latency was 1/2 sec. And that is really bad. So before I spend my dollar on this, pls be honest and tell me do i get latency while having multiple efx on? Thanks

  5. Check out the link in the description for more info – AmpliTube for iOS includes a 1-track recorder and also has multi-track recorder available via in-app purchase.

  6. ok! so is it about the hardware of the android devices or is it the Android OS? and this can be fixed with an update or smth ??

  7. So do we. Low-latency audio processing is still not sorted out on Android OS so we cannot develop our quality music production apps on the platform until the low-latency audio is in the same league as it is on iOS

  8. You’d have to record a video – AmpliTube iRig will record fantastic audio tracks. You can export and sync with a video on another app (perhaps on your computer) in order to upload to YouTube

  9. menlahak have done a video to show how soluce the no input solution…but i don’t have time to build this system… i ‘ll get my money back and stop make my time lost i have lost enough by searching an easier solution

  10. Not only are you more thieves but you are liars because you use business methods that lead you to say that your interface is the best product in the world, while everyone knows that nothing can replace an amp and some good pedals . Moreover it is seeking a solution that I realized that I found your product did not work for thousands of people. some have taken the time to invent a solution for you as shown in this video

  11. It sure does work for many thousands who use AmpliTube iRig every day. The best way to get help is to click the help icon in the app, or visit our site and peruse the FAQ, or for direct help you can even contact our Tech Support team. These are all much better methods of obtaining help than calling us big thieves on YouTube.

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