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The BitFenix Prodigy Mini-ITX Case was a huge hit in the PC community, allowing users to pack a huge punch of powerful components in a stylish, small form factor case.

This time around, BitFenix went a step further, announcing the all new Prodigy M, which takes the original Prodigy design and tweaks it to now accommodate Micro ATX motherboards and is not limited to just Mini-ITX motherboards. To top that off, you’re now able to cram in dual video cards in Crossfire or SLI if you’re gaming heart so desires.

The Prodigy M also featured five PCI slots, a sweet removable rack that can house either two 3.5 inch hard drives or three 2.5 inch SSDs and support after market CPU coolers up to 160mm in height. Not too Shabby. In terms of pricing, there’s been no mention yet, but we should know very soon as this case should be available sometime in October. Definitely keep your eyes peeled to the site for coverage as the case hits the streets, but for now you can enjoy some drool worthy pictures below.