Alchemy Tutorial 10: Granular Synthesis

Dan Worrall has done it again and created a great tutorial on granular synthesis with Alchemy. It covers all aspects of the granular engine as well as explai…

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29 thoughts on “Alchemy Tutorial 10: Granular Synthesis

  1. We will be updating our videos with new information once Alchemy v2 is released. However, in the meantime, please feel free to email us any questions you may have on creating particular effects/results using Alchemy’s resynthesis features.

  2. Can you demonstrate the alchemy is able to do something similar to what’s shown in the video in the link? (Harmor Synth)


  3. this kind of control of where in the sample is being played is nonexistent in Omnisphere. Looking forward to putting it to good use.

  4. this is pure misinformation. the camel demo of alchemy is fully functional for a month – no bleeps or clicks or other audible interuptions. after 4 weeks, full functionality is reduced to that of the free alchemy player.

  5. well, it isn’t. the original question from metalsinani, which you replied to, was about all the samples used. your non-specific follow up question provides no indication of your experience with alchemy, or indeed your familiarity with folder structures, so i tried to cover all bases in my reply. 

  6. You guys at camel will probably find a way around this kind of problem I assume. Instead of creating a beautiful sound in the demo have it always be crappy! HEHE I kid. Honestly though…. Some of purest sounding sample synths I’ve ever heard. I might even invest in Alchemy. That is if it doesn’t blow up my computer!

  7. Companys like camel are giving away these synths. They think by not allowing you to save you parts that we will just have to buy there’ product. My sampler however has proven to me that sometimes blips of random should be viewed as just that “blips”. No need for saving. Actually when you record a small sample you can create countless other sounds, and the vst’s don’t want to leave a bad impression, so they give you a demo with a reoccurring defect and everything else.

  8. If anyone is interested in this interesting method let me know. Some of my best works have been created using a demo synth. One time i downloaded the demo of the synth DUNE and made a bitching song. Unfortunately however I didn’t know the torrent was a demo so upon saving the song all the vst parts were wiped clean, and I was left with i lot of midi and no sound on my songs timeline. With time i found all the sounds. I learned something very great though…. cont

  9. Who’s the asshole who didn’t like this video? Goodness it was great! I have done some work with the camel audio products. Unfortunately I was using the demo so there was a click every ten or fifteen seconds in the sound. There is hope my friends. You can still have that wonderfulSound absolutely free. When using a vst in demo mode in your DAW record a midi sequence and then output the audio to another track. Click play and record sound into new track. Random bleeps can be hard to work withFWI :)

  10. which sample? there are several used in the tutorial. for what it’s worth, they are all in Alchemy / Samples / Factory / (appropriate subfolder name), except for the ‘twin peaks.sfz’ which is not shipped with alchemy, and is probably part of dan’s own sample collection i suspect, judging from the dialogue.

  11. This is the most powerful sound design tool ever, it takes granular synthesis to a higher level where noises get intoxicated and have babies with each other!

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