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Hot on the heels of other AMD announcements, comes another twist in the tale, as AMD separates itself from the others once again by unveiling new quad-core and dual-core R-series processors that are aimed at embedded applications.

This is something that is definitely part of a new game plan by AMD to focus on areas where Intel is not the dominating player on the field. There are currently three new products slated for release, according to AMD, the higher-power parts are aimed at applications that require “high performance x86 compute,” such as network attached storage (NAS). The different models are listed below.

  • RE464X: Quad-core, 35W TDP, 2.3GHz (3.2GHz turbo)
  • RE272X: Dual-core, 35W TDP, 2.70GHz (3.2GHz turbo)
  • RE264X: Dual-core, 17W TDP, 2.2GHz (2.8GHz turbo)

AMD wants this to be a success and in that light they have given the new products a leg up as they are now introducing a new discrete GPU promotional program that allows power users to get a special deal of up to a 20% discount when purchasing a CPU and discrete GPU together. Gamers, enthusiasts, and those who do graphics for a living will benefit the most from this new program and with special incentives it should pump more sales into the product line. By doing this it will allow the new R-Series CPUs to be combined with discrete AMD’s Radeon E6460 or E6760 GPUs, which are capable of driving up to six independent displays.

In a statement from AMD’s own Kamal Khouri:

“There is a need for a greater variety of processor and graphics options in several market segments ranging from storage to digital signage and gaming to meet ever growing performance requirements…The AMD Embedded R-Series CPU platform targets performance-intensive embedded applications with a new discrete graphics program to meet the diverse, high-performance requirements of the embedded engineering community. These new choices offer higher compute and graphics throughput plus compelling TCO for the embedded market.”

As stated at the start of the article these new processors follow hot on the heels of new G-series SoC parts that were released earlier this month.

It seems like AMD is trying to put continued distance between themselves and the PC industry at large, with rumors of AMD abandoning their FX CPU line altogether to focus on their FX line of products. Many end-users and fans alike have seen this coming as AMD has shown more focus on their CPU/GPU combination products as this is a market they are actually doing very well in, and case in point actually ahead of Intel making this move a smart one depending on where you are standing.

I personally think it would be a shame if AMD exits the FX brand name as even though it may not beat Intel in many performance scores, it still has a relevant place with the games and users who have believed and supported them through thick and thin. Thanks for reading Tech Of Tomorrow my friends, personally I am saddened to hear that AMD may fold the FX line, but how do you the hardcore fans feel about this new move?

Source: ZDNet