TUTORIAL Scratching With Traktor S4 or How To Scratch

Like my fb page for more! https://www.facebook.com/ArturWhiteMusic A very simple way to scratch. Hope it helped you. subscribe for more. Intro song: Artur Wh…

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26 thoughts on “TUTORIAL Scratching With Traktor S4 or How To Scratch

  1. Very clever, I like it. In regards to anyone who says this is cheating, there is no cheating in art. If what you want is for people to be impressed by your skill mastery, then yes there is cheating. If what you want is the end product (in this case the music), then how you get there is not relevant to the audience. If the performance itself is a large part of the end product, then “cheating” is a (lengthy) separate debate.

  2. Not really a good “learn how to scratch” technique, since this is going the easy way, but really just a fun technique if you want to scratch and you are stuck with an s2 controller instead of turntables.. The s2 isn’t really too comfortable for scratching :)

  3. Nilesh, that’s not the remix deck he’s using. He is using the hot-cue to jump to the beginning of the phrase. If you hold the hot-cue while the deck is not playing, it will temporarily play until you let go. Just let go, then get to scratchin’. Hope this helps bud.

  4. I can’t seem to duplicate a scratching like the one in this video. Is there any settings that you changed to make it easier to scratch?

  5. i like this. How have you got your sample shots to be instant as soon as you press it please. Since the remix decks, you have to press twice??? Please help.

  6. go in your loaded Audio file to a Point that you want to have as sample then press one of the 4 cue-buttons to set a cue-point. everytime you press this button the song will start from this Point – easiest way to create this Kind of “one shot sample” ;) i jope it helped a bit . my english is noth the best ^^

  7. ciao a tutti. ho bisogno di scaricare il videogioco “scratches graffi mortali”…. premetto che nn possiedo ne emule ne nessun altro programma ….mi sapete mica indicare un sito dove posso scaricare il videogioco senza bisogno di avere emule???? grazie mille davvero

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