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Updated: September 14, 2013

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Myself and others included, have thus far treated Windows 8 like a red headed step child (no offense to any red Headed step children). Although it may be faster in many things, it has just not done any thing to make me want to make the change.

If Texan’s are correct and bigger is better, the “BigTouch” 70-inch touch screen monitor is just what the doctor ordered. This new product from InTouch offers things like group productivity; a 70-inch 1080p display and had a nomenclature of the INF7011. This product is more however than just a monitor it is a complete PC loaded up with an Intel Core i5, a 128GB SSD just like many tablets or the MacBook Air and 4GB of memory.

As far as hook-ups go the BigTouch has HDMI, Ethernet, a 3.5mm sound input jack, no less than seven USB type A slots and one USB type B slot, VGA, and, yes, fast WiFi on top of all that. The really cool thing about this product though is its ability to be used in meeting rooms where interaction is the paramount key to successful connections in a group. The Big Touch supports up to five touch points, so you can use all your fingers, or multiple people can touch their work at the same time. Hanging on a wall this new 70-inch monstrosity offers things that can make showing off your work and sharing it something different and say goodbye to the old pointer as your hands now control the action.

There is currently a slight little drawback and that is a set and confirmed price. When Tech site Venture Beat contacted the folks at InTouch and were rather successfully unsuccessful in getting any solid data out of them. That was after, of course, about 10 minutes on the phone and a failed attempted to get customer service online. So it seems these folks need to kick up the gears and get better help, or maybe they are just not ready for prime time yet. Having said that though, if you are the type of person who has to have the biggest thing on the block and could care less about how responsive a company is then you may want to hop on the BigTouch bandwagon ASAP, otherwise its probably better to wait and let the market adjust before entertaining the idea of purchasing one. Now if it had an interactive touch for ****, I would say Buy Now, but that is another story altogether J. Thanks for reading Tech Of Tomorrow. Oh one last thing the BigTouch does come in a 55-inch version, but still no available pricing or availability as if now. Peace.