Native Instruments REAKTOR’s Aerobic – Oxygen Beats

Get the free “How to Build a Sampler in REAKTOR” video course here: Let’s continue our journey into REAKTOR’s universe of beatma…

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12 thoughts on “Native Instruments REAKTOR’s Aerobic – Oxygen Beats

  1. Perche ho sentito che la prima viene fatta con la scissione dell’ uranio o radio nn so bene, mentre la seconda viene fatta con atomi di qualunque spece e quindi non radioattiva, è vero?
    Se fosse cosi non converebbe?

  2. Ok, then yeah, it is! I’m a big reason user, Reaktor is my uncharted wilds. I’m going to be creating a bunch of Reason tutorials soon, though, if you’re interested, please subscribe!

  3. Yes, I think Kong is similar as far as the analog-style drum synthesis goes, but it looks like it (Kong) does a bunch of other stuff like physical modeling and sampling as well. Not sure though—Reason is uncharted territory for me!

  4. Great tutorial, and great to see you doing your thing again! You are the best Reaktor instructor on youtube, hands down. thank you so much for this!

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