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Updated: November 23, 2013

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The ability to have free reign in what you can do and post via the Twitch streaming inside your PlayStation 4 is about to change due to some strange things a drunken couple did while using this service. Nudity is popular; it’s true, as most everyone likes to se a little flesh its just human nature and when its exploited for all to see, well let’s just say it got attention, but probably not exactly what they intended. In fact the wife in this little debacle was actually passed out and when she finally woke up and found out what happened she was either mad, or laughing depending on her personality type.

Some people have made some very popular shows using this service, but the biggest “wow” factor as of yet has to be from this crazy couple who for a few hours just showed themselves getting drunk. Then as the evening progressed and his wife passed out the husband first exposed a breast and the views started growing so thing progressed until the husband had stripped the wife down to the buff and then showed her nude body to all those watching. This has resulted in the PlayStation account being banned, the account name was Drakobra and this most likely resulted by people hitting the report button, or at least until some Sony rep caught on to the fact that that channel was so popular that day.

To some this may just seem like a funny thing to do, but to others this is really too far off the normal ranch to be acceptable behavior on a PlayStation network and now this will result in drastic changes being made to the users agreement prior to your being able to use the Twitch feature. The thing that is really so cool about the Twich feature is not only can gamers show off their gaming prowess they can also show off their gaming area and room using the camera in “Free” mode that allows you to show off pretty much at this point whatever you want, but that is not going to last. Sony and their affiliates will want to distance themselves from this type of behavior, as association with such things is bad for branding. So for now have fun and show off your family jewels, but this sort of thing is on a limited time basis. Thanks for reading Tech Of Tomorrow. So what do you think did this couple go to far, or is it their right to do what they want as long as they are not hurting anybody and everyone consents to what is going on. Let us know in the comments down below, peace!

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