Chromecast new update makes it more useful

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Real Player lets you stream own videos

Chromecast is probably one of the most hyped technologies that showed its face this year. Despite its virtual capability to show content on your TV wirelessly, it doesn’t actually let you share your screen, and it mirrors only certain applications. It doesn’t support Google pushed Miracast Wireless display standard that makes it even more controversial.

Still for anyone that owns this $ 35 powered HDMI dongle that has a Vivante graphics inside, the list of supported applications has grown tremendously. It all started with support for Google Play Music, Google Play TV & Video, YouTube, Netflix and Hulu Plus and it grown to support HBO GO and Pandora.

Now Google promises seven new applications including Vevo, RedBull.TV, Songza, Plex, PostTV, Viki and a blast from the past called RealPlayer cloud. We are not sure that most of these applications are really mind-blowing, Vevo will show some videos but the RealPlayer according to Google will let you “watch your personal video collection on your TV. No wires.”

This is the one we have been all waiting for and we hope that Google plans to fix a nasty disability of a Chromecast, as you cannot cast a chrome tab from an android device. At this time this feature works from Windows, Mac or Chromebook Pixel, all twelve of them sold, but not on Android.

With some more effort behind it, there is a chance that Chromecast might become something that we could easily recommend to our readers, as long as it offers Airplay-like capability and let you play your own videos and pictures from Andoid based phones and tablets.

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