Autore: DJ TechTools

Launchpads will be forever remembered as the low-cost gear that made it possible for YouTube sensations to come out of the woodwork with finger drumming and Ableton clip launching performance routines – from Madeon and M4Sonic, to even Riccardo “Rick Fresco” Betti. We’ve spotted yet another Launchpad master, Nev, who slices up elements of tracks and plays them out live. It’s a pretty similar to what Bass Kleph demoed last year in our interview with him – creating a live version of a song out of just the track.

Watch Nev’s second video, an answer to a challenge to play Tetris on his Launchpad. What makes his performance interesting is the level of production he’s put into the actual clips being launched, including a unique visual element on the Launchpad’s LEDs for almost every section of the song.

Nev not only puts an incredible amount of work into the LED feedback on his Novation Launchpad throughout his routines, but he’s also giving the project files out for free on his Facebook page.

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