Standalone USB recording with RME Fireface UFX and Jigsaw24

Rob from gives us a quick tour of the new pre-release software for RME’s Fireface UFX audio interface. This adds support for recordin…

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5 thoughts on “Standalone USB recording with RME Fireface UFX and Jigsaw24

  1. Hi. There are no specific settings for the UFX for vocal recording in
    standalone mode, it’s simply a case of choosing the record option for the
    particular channel(s) you are wanting to record from. Rob

  2. hey man, i would like to use that standalone feature as well… so far ive
    just been recording vocals having my ufx hooked straight to my pc with all
    the default settings… can u give me some suggestions on wat settings i
    should set it on while recording vocals?

  3. Hi again, I find that doing what u did placing the recorded track from the
    standalone ufx onto my DAW.. the track only plays from my left speaker…
    is this normal or can i fix this??

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