How To EASILY Extract Liquid Propane

In this video I'll be showing you the simplest way to remove liquid propane from a camping gas cylinder, and also have some fun with this VERY cold liquid. This video was inspired by Grant Thompson's "Propane Hack" video. The method shown in this video has been used by me in the past to replace leaking valves on refrigerant cylinders. Enjoy! Link to Grant's video: **Help me make more videos by visiting the link below. All donations, big or small, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! Bobby Tectalabyss & bklynlandlord, Thanks for your generous $5/mo donation! **For GREAT deals(Usually cheaper than EBAY) on electronics, drones, automotive tools, household items, phone accessories, locksmith tools, & much more, please visit the link below and SAVE IT AS A BOOKMARK on your computer or smartphone to Banggood for future purchases. (Your purchase supports my channel!) All Items:
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Canadians Get “A Little Mad” As Refugees Continue To Flood In From U.S.

Just over a month ago we highlighted the comments of one recently deported Mexican nationalist who told Reuters that illegally immigrating to the U.S. was over, courtesy of the Trump administration, and that it was “Canada’s turn” to welcome the world’s immigrants with open arms.

“For those without documents, I think (the United States) is over. Now it’s Canada’s turn.”

And, with each passing month, new immigration stats from Canada seem to indicate that Reuters’ young border-hopper was a very prescient fellow indeed.  According to stats highlighted by the Financial Times today, “land border asylum claims” in Canada continue to skyrocket with Quebec crossings up nearly 3x YoY and crossings into Ontario surging as well.

Meanwhile, the FT insists that the following propagandastory from a man named Abdi, a Somalian refugee who fled the U.S. out of fear of Trump, is typical of what’s driving the illegal and dangerous migrations north. 

“Every time you see the TV, Trump is still talking about deportation, every time,” Abdi says, lounging on a steel-framed bed at a Salvation Army hostel in a gritty stretch of Winnipeg, the capital of Canada’s Manitoba province, where he has slept since sneaking across the border in March. “It scares me, it scares my friends, it scares everybody who is an immigrant living in the US.”

As they gaze out of the window on to central Canada’s prairies, he and two other Somali men recount their journey. Abdi says that if he returns to Somalia, the fragile east African state ravaged by decades of civil war, he would be killed, which is why he slogged through waist-deep snow and -30C temperatures to get to Canada.

“My country for me is fire . . . you see the fire, you run away. So I can’t return . . . but when you see [Trump] talking like that, you don’t feel free either,” he says.

Of course, one day after Trump signed his first immigration executive order back in January (see “Trump Signs Executive Orders To Keep “Radical Islamic Terrorists” From Entering US, Rebuild US Military“), Canada’s ‘progressive’ Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sent the following tweet as an apparent jab at the new U.S. administration.


— Justin Trudeau (@JustinTrudeau) January 28, 2017

And while ‘open borders’ sound super nice in a political speech, the practical reality is that the majority of Canadians, just like Americans, don’t approve of unfettered illegal border crossings that place a massive financial burden on taxpayers and are often accompanied by a surge in crime (see “Half Of Canadians Want Illegal Immigrants Deported“).

Within Canada’s political arena, the issue is becoming hugely divisive, with many of the same debates and sentiments that have been so prevalent in the US. For Mr Trudeau, openness to refugees is a core conviction — part of the progressive image that his father, Pierre Trudeau, who led Canada for 15 years, is credited with shaping. Roland Paris, a former adviser to the younger Mr Trudeau, whose cabinet includes turban-wearing Sikhs and Muslims, says he is “unlikely to back down on this”.

But Canadians are ambivalent about this type of irregular — some say illegal — migration. A recent poll by Reuters showed almost half of Canadians want these asylum seekers to be deported.

Some opposition Conservative politicians have promised to deploy the military to close the border. With Mr Trudeau’s approval ratings at a low of 48 per cent, they sense an opportunity. While Canada has not been shaken by populist tremors in the same way as France or the US, anti-immigrant sentiments are moving into mainstream politics.

Meanwhile, conservatives in Canada, taking a cue from the recent U.S. elections no doubt, have ratcheted up their nationalist rhetoric, with politicians threatening to enlist the army to fortify their border.

“There are significant portions of the population that have expressed discomfort with these arrivals,” admits Mr Paris. “The [Conservative candidates] see this as a potential issue to run with.”

In Emerson, opinion is divided. Some residents spoke of plans to assimilate the Somali families permanently in a town where there is little unemployment and farmers are often in need of help. “We have the space in Canada. It’s not like Europe where you have people on top of each other,” says Mr Janzen, the mayor.

But there is also tension in the town of 678 people. “Canada can’t take care of the whole world and it seems lately like that’s the way it is,” says Wayne Turton, who owns a car repair shop in Emerson. “It makes you a little cranky . . . it makes us a little mad.”

First it was just Trump supporters, but now it’s looking increasingly likely that France and Canada are also filled with a bunch of racist people intent upon protecting their ‘arbitrary’ borders.



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Thomas Sankara l’uomo che sfidò i bankesters mondialisti…

Più di 25 anni fa un "piccolo" uomo dalla pelle nera sfido' i potenti del mondo. Disse che la politica aveva senso solo se lavorava per la felicita' dei popoli. Affermo',con il proprio esempio personale, che la politica era servizio,non potere o arricchimento personale. Sostenne le ragioni degli ultimi,dei diversi e delle donne. Denuncio' lo strapotere criminale della grande finanza. Documentario completo:


Dance Spirit – Piercing The Veil (Original Mix)

Buy: As it strides on into its 11th year, German label Kindisch is back with another of its excellent Kindisch Stories compilations, this time headed up by Dance Spirit after a fine edition from Bedouin in 2016. Christopher Mohn and Reagan Denius are Dance Spirit, a duo that has been turning out compelling electronic music on labels like Supernature, Rebellion and Akbal Music since 2014. Passionate about timbre, melody and movement, their music is sensitive stuff that makes for steamy dancefloor excursions and takes the pair behind it all over the world as residents for Flying Circus. Here they show off their selecting and sequencing skills with a 13 track offering that features five brand new tracks and eight of their own exclusive remixes from the label’s back catalogue. Things kick off with a flurry of Dance Spirit originals: ‘Enouement’ is a tech cut with a middle eastern feel thanks to the organic string sounds and glitchy textures, then ‘Piercing the Veil’ offers a nice supple and rubbery groove to get lost in before the pair link with Robbie Akbal for ‘Moving Shapes’, a seven minute masterpiece of loose and jumbled percussion, popping percussive sounds and jostling minimal beats. It is
brilliantly atmospheric and really soundtracks a unique world. From there Dance Spirit show off their remix skills with great versions of tracks by Nick Galemore, Powel and Gab Rhome, all of which are magically musical as well as slick and groove driven: lingering pianos and sombre chords all colour the airwaves
and make for an intoxicating mood that sucks you right in. This carries on through the second half and excellent remixes of YokoO, Stavroz and LUM. It’s back to original material then with a track featuring Hana Choe that bubbles with spacey chords and dreamy vocals. The whole splendid selection closes down
with a trio of delicately designed and intricately detailed cuts that are absorbing and woozy and finish this selection in style. Both as a compilation and testament of the skill of Dance Spirit as producers, this is a fantastic statement.