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SYMPHONY SERIES – PERCUSSION offers a range of articulations appropriate for instrument type. These include various hits with edge variations, rolls, tremolos, flams and fx. Find out more: SYMPHONY SERIES – PERCUSSION SYMPHONY SERIES – COLLECTION SYMPHONY SERIES – PERCUSSION Youtube Playlist Link section: Subscribe to our YouTube channel General info
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Gapbrick – Diode Remixed // The Purr

Gapbrick – Diode Remixed // The Purr [PURR134]
Genre: Deep House,
Release Date: Sep 04 2017
Label: The Purr 1 Gapbrick – Diode (Salski Remix)
2 Gapbrick – Diode (VieL Remix) Release Info: Gapbrick is surely one of the talented ones. And the talented ones deserve great care..And with the great care we have great ideas. Diode , one of the prettiest tunes released on The Purr, gets two new remixes. After successful remix from Last Of Me, and original from Gap, we have gave a chance to VieL and Salski, our standard great duo, to catch in with this one. And they did. And they created totally different dimension from using couple of main parts from the original. U will enjoy both remixes., , We hope you'll enjoy this release and leave us your kind comments/feedbacks., ,,,,,, Music Promo Service by VIP Ultima VIP Ultima is a Promotion Service for Music Professionals. It is used by Record Labels, Promotion Companies, and other Professionals in the Industry to manage their promo campaigns and get feedback comments from Top International DJs and Reviewers such as John Digweed, Sasha, Luciano, Hernan Cattaneo, Laurent Garnier, Josh Wink and thousands more. Check out our Facebook page at

Coyu – 1+1 Feat. Thomas Gandey (Truncate Remix) [Suara]

Beatport: 01 Coyu – 1+1 Feat. Thomas Gandey (Original Mix)
02 Coyu – 1+1 Feat. Thomas Gandey (Gerd Janson Arp Mix)
03 Coyu – 1+1 Feat. Thomas Gandey (Gerd Janson Piano Mix)
04 Coyu – 1+1 Feat. Thomas Gandey (Truncate Remix)
05 Coyu – 1+1 Feat. Thomas Gandey (Cosmin TRG Remix) Coyu is working on his highly anticipated debut album; it will explain a story, my story attests the Big Cat. Its the first chapter of this story and the debut single of the album is 1+1, a track made with Thomas Gandey collaborating. A perfect summer track, powerful but addictive and catchy. In Coyus own words 1+1 its me and my girlfriend, me and my mother, me and my team, Suara and me, my music and me, the world and me. Because without the people you love and all that you love you are nothing. 1 + 1 is a claim to love and be loved, to embrace sensibilities, to create synergies and teamwork. But also, it is the communion of my two great passions: techno and house music. Nine minutes of linear and heavy groove that melts with the notes of an emotional piano. It's a track that I'm deeply proud of, I am pretty sure that in 10 years from now I will continue to enjoy it like I did the first day it was finished and after a year and a half I can now say that it is just as much mine as it is yours. Because you and me are also 1+1.
For the remixes probably we have the greatest pack ever on the label: Gerd Janson delivered not one but TWO amazing interpretations of the track: one based on an arpeggio and arranged in a cosmic way and other one based on the piano with a disco feeling. Truncate takes the track down to raw techno, less is more. Last but not least we have the introspective trip of Cosmin TRG which completes one of the releases of the year on the kitties label.
Artwork by GaAs
Mastering by