Video: Shawn Wasabi “OTTER POP” Midi Fighter 64 Routine

Button pusher extraordinaire, Shawn Wasabi, is back with a new style of performance video not to be missed.

He even includes the audible click of the Midi Fighter 64’s genuine Japanese arcade buttons in the video, making this especially interesting for finger drummers. Why? By listening to the rhythmic foundation of this song you get a sense of how Shawn structures his routines.

How Is “Otter Pop” Structured?

Initially, “Otter Pop” seems absurdly complex but actually has a modest foundation: a precisely timed drum beat. Listen to the first 18 seconds closely to see what I mean. The rhythmic structure itself is actually pretty catchy and memorable.

Without the context of the button clicks, the routine appears impossible to memorize, but the button clicks serve as a reminder that it’s really all about a solid rhythmic foundation (and practicing with a metronome).

To further dissect this, a keen observer will notice a lot of samples are triggered by Shawn in one of three ways:

  1. Multiple buttons played at the same time
  2. Buttons played in a call and response pattern (with catchy rhythm)
  3. Buttons played very quickly as a fill or transition element

There’s a lot more repetition and rhythmic structure than you might think. It’s not impossible, but it does take practice. Beyond the beat, a finger drummer also has to memorize which sample is where on the controller – which takes some time!

So what exactly is Shawn doing in the video? He shares, “Every sound is triggered in the performance via midi notes except for Hollis’ vocals and vocal reverbs” – and with the right buttons at hand to trigger them:

“I love these buttons so much, I don’t want to use anything else. I love the lights. I love how it feels. The arcade button is such a good button for playing things” – Shawn Wasabi

Feel The Difference – Get Your Midi Fighter 64 Now

If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s our interview with Shawn, sharing how his career and the Midi Fighter 64 were born:

Autore: Ross DiFuria DJ TechTools

Giorgia Angiuli – Revive

Bandcamp: The always interesting Kindisch label is back with an artful new EP, this time from Italian artist Giorgia Angiuli.
This composer and producer is based in Florence and has released on labels like Harry Klein, Stil vor Talent and Crosstown Rebels as well as Kevin Saunderson’s KMS. She is also in groups like the audio visual outfit We Love on BPitch Control, and has played at major clubs and festivals around Europe. Mixing up dark pop and techno styles, she is a singular artist who is sure to pick up many new fans with this great EP.
The alluring ‘Revive’ is an intoxicating mix of closely mic’d vocal whispers and gritty guitar riffs. Scattered drum hits and blistered synth lines all add to the shadowy nature of the track and help flesh out the compelling groove.
The brilliantly fluid title track ‘You Are My Religion’ is a more club-focused affair with a modulated lead synth line that slithers about and casts a spell on the listener. Delicate melodic droplets rain down as a pained pad brings heartache to the mix and it all makes for an absorbing fusion of light and dark.
Last of all, the majestic ‘Miracle’ is a sombre, well shaded hymn. More pained and vulnerable vocals are the centre piece, with minimal grooves and percussion unfolding below as gently lilting balearic chords off-set the humanness with little rays of hope.
These are three terrific tracks that are as beguiling as they are beautiful.

Hifi Sean featuring Crystal Waters ‘Testify’ (Sandy Rivera Main Mix)

iTunes: | Beatport: | Traxsource: | Google Play: | Spotify: | Apple Music: | Deezer: | Tidal: Part gospel anthem, part joyful house workout, ‘Testify’ is one of those once-in-a-blue-moon moments, a perfectly formed song with a heart that reaches out to move you. Originally released in November 2016 on Sean’s own imprint Plastique Recordings, ‘Testify’ has grown and hooked fans organically, making the playlist at BBC Radio 2 and taking on a life of its own. Signed over to Defected in January 2017, the label wasted no time at all in delivering this killer remix package. Steve Mac diverts from the soul and gospel vibe, taking it to the underground with industrial drums and a killer 4/4 beat. Tom Stephan aka Superchumbo introduces a Latin flavour into his Dub with syncopated drum work and a beefed up bassline that takes the original’s gospel elements up a few gears. Finally to complete the package is an Original Extended version, with two bonus minutes of the uplifting instrumental bridge. Subscribe to Defected Records: Defected YouTube is the home of house music with artists including MK, Sam Divine, Noir, Copyright, Nick Curly, Dennis Ferrer

Fedde Le Grand Live From #DJMagHQ

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