I’m A Celebrity 2017: Does THIS picture prove Amir Khan is LYING about his fear of snakes after his epic trial fail?

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Twitter has thrown up MORE awkwardness for Amir…

I’m A Celebrity 2017 viewers watched Amir Khan FAIL his latest Bushtucker Trial after screaming over a snake – but fans have discovered evidence that suggests he might not be as scared of them as he appears to be…

Since the 30-year-old’s epic disaster during the task on Monday night’s show, a photo has emerged online which shows him posing right next to a HUGE snake much bigger than the small one he encountered in the celebrity jungle.


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In the snap Amir is seen standing between a male friend and a blonde woman who holds the giant creature close to the sportsman – awkward.

Several viewers were quick to poke fun at Amir over the old photo, including former Queen of the Jungle herself Vicky Pattison.

‘Oh…. Oh dear Amir…. You really are making this too easy, come on!!!’ the former Geordie Shore star wrote about the snap. ‘What is everyone thinking?!to be honest- I’ve been drunk enough I could have missed a snake sighting?! Anyone else?!’

It comes after the boxer quit his latest I’m A Celebrity 2017 Bushtucker Trial after putting his hand on a snake during the Critter-cal Rescue task.

Amir was tasked with finding keys in several holes filled with different things in the celebrity jungle whilst fellow campmate Georgia ‘Toff’ Toffolo was buried with lots of creepy crawlies.

The dad-of-one ended up saying ‘I’m a celebrity, get me out of here’ to end the trial though after pulling out the small snake from one of the holes, causing him to scream and back off.

‘When I put my hand in I thought it was a rope, I pulled it out,’ he told Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly afterwards.

‘I’ve never screamed so much in my life and I’ve been punched in the face, I was screaming.’

Toff couldn’t hide her disappointment, telling him: ‘I am a chick, I’m meant to have a girly scream, but you are a boxer!’

Meanwhile viewers at home are now convinced that Amir will get voted to do pretty much every trial in I’m A Celebrity 2017 after his blunder and the emergence of THAT photo.

‘Congratulations to Amir Khan for getting himself voted for every single trial for the rest of the show,’ one fan wrote on Twitter, whilst another said: ‘have we all now collectively agreed as a country to vote for amir for every single trial #ImACeleb’

Whoops, bad luck Amir!

It comes after the boxer faced embarrassment before Sunday night’s debut show when an old tweet he wrote resurfaced online in which he said he’d never go into the celebrity jungle because it’s ‘for has beens’ – AWKWARD.

I’m A Celebrity 2017: Rebekah Vardy SLAMS Peter Andre’s bedroom skills after claiming they once had SEX

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Well, this is awkward

I’m A Celebrity 2017 star Rebekah Vardy might be happily married to footie pro Jamie Vardy now, but it turns out she previously had a fling with a certain Aussie popstar.

Yup, in the early noughties Rebekah actually bedded Peter Andre – back when he would have been looking a little like THIS…

I'm A Celebrity

The mother-of-four reportedly spent the night with 44-year-old Pete, way before he settled down with wife Emily MacDonagh.

Unfortunately, 35-year-old Rebekah wasn’t exactly complimentary of her former flame and claimed he was the ‘worst lover’ she’d ever had. Ouch!


In an interview from 2001, which resurfaced over the weekend, the star said that she’d bedded the Mysterious Girl singer after they met at a restaurant in Buckinghamshire.

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Speaking to the News of The World at the time, she revealed: ‘He had great muscles and I thought he’d be a great lover. But he was the worst lover I have ever had.’

Before adding: ‘He didn’t even attempt to satisfy me!’ Pretty harsh, right?

I'm A Celebrity

[Photo by David Fisher/REX/Shutterstock]

Luckily, the pair are both happily married, with Rebekah recently opening up about her relationship to Leicester player, Jamie during Sunday night’s I’m A Celebrity launch.

When Made In Chelsea star Georgia Toffollo asked: ‘So come on, how did you two meet?’, Rebekah confessed she’d been working at a club when the striker turned up one night.

She said: ‘He was the most demanding person you had ever met in your life, ever’, before adding: ‘He just pursued me.’

The star then revealed why she fell for her hubby, confessing: ‘Anyway, we went out for a drink, and he’s just the most amazing person.

‘He was so sweet, and that was it!’

AW! We’re sure Jamie is going to be tuning into ITV every night for the next three weeks.

motivo por el que Susanna Griso no está presentando ‘Espejo público’

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Susanna Griso (48) ha estado ausente en el programa de ‘Espejo Público’ emitido por Antena 3. El motivo por el que la presentadora lleva sin aparecer por el programa desde el viernes es el mal estado de salud de su madre (94).

Susanna se encuentra atravesando uno de sus peores momentos tras el empeoramiento de su madredespués del ictus que habría sufrido hace ya tres años.

Frances Perellada, representante de la popular periodista se ha pronunciado según ha afirmado ‘Jaleos’ asegurando que: “Su estado es muy grave pero no puedo decir mucho más porque es un tema muy personal de ella”.

Esther Vaquero será la encargada de sustituir a la presentadora durante estos días tan difíciles.

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Paula Vázquez, la presentadora incómoda

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Michela Andreozzi, uno spettacolo teatrale a tutto swing

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Michela Andreozzi, 48 anni, non si è voluta perdere la prima dello spettacolo teatrale con Ladyvette, “Le dive dello swing”, ovvero Sugar Teresa Federico, Pepper Valentina Ruggeri e Honey Francesca Neroli, in scena dal 15 novembre al Teatro Sala Umberto di Roma. La regia è di Max Vado. La direzione artistica è affidata a Lillo Petrolo, a Roberto Gori quella musicale.

Michela Andreozzi allo spettacolo del trio Ladyvette 
L’attrice Vittoria Belvedere 

Michela Andreozzi, compagna di Max Vado, ha così presenziato alla prima teatrale dello spettacolo dedicato alla musica “vintage” reinterpretata in chiave swing dal trio canoro. Tra gli altri volti noti che hanno raggiunto il Teatro Sala Umberto di  Roma anche Vittoria Belvedere. L’attrice è apparsa in splendida a forma. Presenti pure il famoso attore di fiction Massimo Poggio, Elena Di Cioccio e l’attrice Claudia Potenza.

Il regista dello spettacolo Max Vado
Elena Di Cioccio anche lei al Sala Umberto di Roma 

La prima teatrale, insomma, ha visto la partecipazione di Michela Andreozzi e altri volti noti che si sono divertiti sulle note swing del trio: “Il senso di questo spettacolo è risate e musica, Ladyvette sono tre attrici con il talento e i tempi comici adatti a un format di questo genere, come in Italia se ne vedono pochi”, ha dichiarato Lillo Petrolo. 

Un momento dello spettacolo con Ladyvette e Stefano Fresi 
Claudia Potenza fuori dal teatro poco prima dello spettacolo
L’attore Massimo Poggio 

Paula Echevarría copia un look de pasarela de Balenciaga

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Se calzó las botas de moda entre las influencers y un vestido ‘low cost’ que tiene todas las papeletas para ser un ‘best seller’

Paula Echevarría demuestra (una vez más) por qué es una apasionada de la moda
Paula Echevarría demuestra (una vez más) por qué es una apasionada de la moda GTRES

Que Paula Echevarría es una apasionada de la moda no es ninguna novedad: sigue las tendencias al pie de la letra (en ocasiones, hasta el exceso), es una de las actrices que mejor vestida pisa la alfombra roja y le gusta jugar con sus looks con combinaciones arriesgadas. Eso sí, hay días que, como al resto, no le apetece arriesgar y tira de inspiración. Ella, que es todo un icono de estilo para muchas muchas mujeres en España, ha puesto los ojos en un look de pasarela de Balenciaga y lo ha copiado de la manera más original.

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Este fin de semana la actriz acudió al musical de ‘Billy Elliot’ para ver sobre el escenario a su amigo y compañero de ‘Velvet’ Adrián Lastra. Y como todo lo que no se cuenta no se sabe, Paula Echevarría compartió algunas imágenes en Instagram con el look con el que se enfundó para la ocasión. Y entonces en la redacción de Mujerhoy.com sentimos un deja vu: “¿el conjunto de Paula no se parece a uno de los de la colección primavera verano 2017 de Balenciaga?”

El look de Balenciaga que inspira a Paula Echevarría
El look de Balenciaga que inspira a Paula Echevarría

Nuestra memoria no falla y sí, el look de Paula es muy similar al otro de Balenciaga: mismo colores (lila y rosa) y vestido y botas ‘over the knee’. ¿La gran diferencia? El precio, las botas de Paula eran de Fetiche Suances y no llegan a los 150 euros y el vestido de H&M de 49,99 euros; en Balenciga ya están agotadas las dos piezas.

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