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  1. Allora devo fare una presentazione in inglese e dire il mio film preferito i telefilm che guardo il genere di teleflm che mi piace e cose del genere (attrice preferita , film ecc..) aggiungete se vi viene in mente qualcos’altro tipo mi piace andare al cinema o cose cosii , ovviamente 10 punti !

  2. Television is a part of our lives. Therefore, it is important to evaluate the television experience especially ……. terms of the effect it has on children.
    …… much television reduces the time spent on active learning and it can also reduce children’s capacity to learn. Young children are naturally curious and active, ….. allows them to learn about the world around them. Movement is the key to …. development, because it allows them to develop physically, and through endless repetitions, they learn skills. At the same time, the child is learning about social environments by interacting with ….. people.
    Television is a passive experience …… it is educational or based on fantasy. Even educational TV does not offer the child opportunities to focus attention on one subject for a long period. So-called educational programmes are often short and this ……. lead to a shortened attention span. Being one-way communication, TV doesn’t allow the child to interact and develop communication skills. …… are some of the negative influences of TV on children, so ……. can we do? In moderation and with careful selection of programmes …… monitored TV viewing is fine. Simply turning off the TV however is often easier …… it may seem! Children love adult attention and enjoy participating in activities with the rest of the family. Children also need where they are left on their …….. to learn to be creative.

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