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Have you recently lost work in Traktor due to program crashes or unkind acts of computer gods? Have you become depressed, despondent or bummed out from forgetting to save your work? Well, you are not alone! Many other DJs suffer from the same clinical problem known as “Traktor Is Missing Autosave”.  But wait! Don’t hurl your computer against the wall – we have a solution!


In Traktor there are three primary data sets that the user can modify and then save:

  1. Mapping files + keyboard shortcuts (.TSI)
  2. Global settings, song locations, folders, playlists (.NML)
  3. Cue points, tempo, beat markers (Stored as Stripes in the Traktor folder)

Any time you work on songs and update their cue points or tempo, this information is automatically stored to the stripes collection or sometimes the file itself while the session is running, so a program crash will not result in the loss of these types of updates you made to songs.

When you are making adjustments to mappings and your music library, (eg: building playlists and organizing crates) this information is not saved until the program has successfully closed down. Any program crashes or computer glitches will cause all work during that open session to be lost.

First, don’t get too afraid:  Traktor is a remarkably stable program. It takes a lot to make it crash and even then, these downtimes are very rare. Unfortuantly, computer issues are  far less rare. Between system crashes, power failures, and other technical issues, I can guarantee something will happen to your computer while Traktor is open in the background. Somehow this seems to always happen to me after working on important things for two to four hours. Extremely frustrated with losing all that creative work, I looked in creating an autosave solution on my own.


Right now there’s no way to automatically save your settings in the background of Traktor (more on the future of that below). However, using a bit of simple keyboard mapping, you can set up a hotkey to save your settings while working.

  • Open Traktor preferences
  • Navigation to the Controller Manager
  • Select “Generic Keyboard”
  • Create a new shortcut for ” Save Collection”  (I like Shift+S)

Unfortunately this will only save your collection file, and will not store any mapping changes. The good news is that I have been talking with the Traktor team over the past weeks, and they saw the value in also creating a “save mappings” command option which will be released in the next update to Traktor 2.6 (which they’re expecting to release soon).

  • Once this update is available including “save mappings”, you’ll be able to double assign Shift+S to do both commands at the same time


If you’re like me, then you don’t like to think about things like saving in the middle of a creative sprint. These things should be automatic! To help us both out, I created a little hotkey script using a program called QuicKeys 4 for OSX and Windows. The script will automatically press Shift+S every 10 minutes while Traktor is open.

“What if you’re DJing?” a smart DJ might ask. That’s easy – just quit the program and it won’t run the script. I even have the QuicKeys set to open with Traktor every time.

Here’s the complete action so you can duplicate it on your own:

To make it really easy for you, all DJTT members can download my QuicKeys preset (this only works with the OS X version) here.

GOOD FOR EVERYONE: This form of hotkey scripting can be really useful for all DJ programs in creating functionality that might not exist. Tell us about ways in which you have used creative scripting to enable non-standard performance! 


I recorded the steps you need to follow in order to set up your own Traktor DIY autosave with QuicKeys while on the CNTRL tour. Please forgive my exhausted delivery and the sub-par audio quality but for those visual learners, sometimes a video goes a long way.


DJTT has been discussing autosave for the last few weeks with the Traktor team and we are happy to report that autosave is on the way in the future thanks to our talks with them. It won’t make it into the next release but they did slip in a “save mappings” command in the meantime, so we’ll be able to achieve the same result with the same autosave script. Thanks to everyone in Berlin for their help in adding these features to the program. Are there things that you think should be added to Traktor?  Tell us about them in the comments!

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6 thoughts to “DIY Autosave In Traktor”

  1. Allora ho acquistato da poco due cdj 350 e un djm 350…I cdj dietro hanno un attacco USB per utilizzarlo come controller MIDI…Ora premettendo che sul pc ho solamente traktor e li ho appena preso non so come fare per configurarli a traktor e usarli da controller…10 punti alla spiegazione migliore e funzionale:) Grazie

  2. Ho comprato la Novation Launchpad, mi arriverà a casa fra 2-3 giorni presumo, e avevo domande sulla stessa, perdonate l’ignoranza ma sono novello per quanto riguarda il mondo musicale

    Per il momento mi diverto a mixare con un semplice controller Hercules Dj Console Rmx, abbinato a Traktor 2, mi trovo bene, ma poichè ero interessato anche alla produzione e volevo entrare nell’ottica di Ableton Live ho preso appunto il Launchpad, vorrei sapere, è possibile settare Traktor e Ableton per farli lavorare insieme sullo stesso PC ?
    Inoltre vorrei cercare di miscelare il lavoro di Traktor con la Launchpad, ovvero, mentre mixo con la Hercules aggiungere toni, bassi, effetti di Ableton, in modo da avere un suono più personale, e volevo sapere se era possibile tutto questo.

    Per quanto riguarda la produzione poi, Ableton Live ha una buona libreria di suoni e synth per poter creare qualche progetto decente?
    Sinceramente io sono interessato a un genere Electrohouse ed Electropunk (o Synthpunk) sulle orme dei Cyberpunkers. Adoro quei suoni, secondo voi dovrei comprare una tastiera o un sintetizzatore digitale a parte per la produzione? Ne conoscete alcuni che costano relativamente poco e sono di buona qualità?

    Scusate per le domande e gli argomenti così vasti, ma ho un sacco di idee nella testa, ma mi mancano le conoscenze per metterle in pratica.

    Grazie per le eventuali risposte !

  3. ciao volevo sapere se il programma originale di traktor scratch pro e possibile ke lo istalli piu di una persona nel proprio pc ??

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