Two AMD APUs headed to Benelux

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Also, happy International Migrants Day

We come bearing good news for two chaps from northern Europe, probably the Benelux countries. The winners of two AMD A10-5700 APUs are Henk van Hest and Tim Van Thuyne.

At least one of the winners is from Belgium, a country invented so that Germany, France and Britain would have somewhere to settle their differences. Just kidding guys, we’re not Austin Powers’ dad. Belgium is in fact a bit like Switzerland – plenty of great chocolate, but no clocks, no stable government and no Nazi gold. Belguim also invented the French fry which was designed to confuse Americans while giving them type 2 diabetes. 

We could be wrong. The winners might even be Dutch, in which case there is a pretty good chance that they will be too high to collect their APUs. They could also be from Luxembourg, but Luxembourg is just too small to make fun of. (I think you just did. Ed)

Today is also International Migrants Day, which is a big thing for Fudzilla, since many of our staffers and contributors tend to prefer nomadic lifestyles. (That’s just a politically correct way of calling us gypsies. Ed)

Of course, winners have to get in touch with us within a week, otherwise we’ll pick someone else. There are still eight APUs to go, I think, and we will hand out two more on Thursday, so stay tuned. 

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  1. più o meno una settimana fa ho trovato un piccolo rondone per strada,l’ho portato a casa e da allora me ne sto prendendo cura.Voglio tenerlo fin quando non sarà pronto per volare per poi liberarlo,mi dispiace tenerlo in gabbia,ora come faccio a sapere quando sarà pronto per volare??e una volta libero riuscirà a sopravvivere e a procurarsi il cibo da solo??

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