Behind the Scenes of AnandTech’s Server Tests [Video]

Autore: AnandTech

We’ve been quietly testing doing more video content on the site over the past year. I’ve done a few reviews over at our YouTube channel, and we also host all of our smartphone/tablet camera samples over there as well. Going into 2013 we’ll be ramping up the amount of video content on the site to go along with Pipeline and the Podcast as some the new features we’ve introduced over the past couple of years. In doing so we’re also going to be hosting videos locally.

When we were looking for the first content to trial our locally served video, I asked Johan de Gelas, the head of our IT/Enterprise testing at AnandTech if he could put something together. Johan came back with a behind the scenes look at the Sizing Servers Lab in Belgium, the back-end for all of our server reviews and testing. 

Johan’s video is embedded below and if this goes well he’s promised to bring us a look at ARM based servers on video in the not too distant future.

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2 thoughts to “Behind the Scenes of AnandTech’s Server Tests [Video]”

  1. Allora avevo gia fatto un po di domande cosi solo che molto rispondono che dovrei scegliere la scheda video in base al sistema che faro’ montare sull’assemblato……budget massimo 750 euro

    Processore:Intel core 2 Quad q9650 3 GHZ

    Ram: 6.000 MB

    Scheda audio:standard buona ma che non costi eccessivamente

    Hard disk: Sata 500 GB oppure 1 terabyte da decidere

    Scheda video: ecco qui qualcuno mi dovrebbe dire ad occhio piu o meno il prezzo senza scheda video….se il prezzo e’ orientato verso i 500 euro sono sicuro di prendere una Nvidia GTX 275 se il prezzo e gia sui 600 prendero’ una ATI 5770 HD… base al prezzo e al sistema consigliatemi anche la scheda video piu’ adatta 10 PUNTI e grazie a chi rispondera’ e mi aiutera’.
    ditemi il prezzo finale senza i componenti grazie……
    scusate senza schreda video volevo dire….prezzo finale senza la scheda video…..
    alessandro ma il computer su hardware planet lo hai acquistato???

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