20120908 E-Cat Conference live from Zurich – Andrea Rossi’s presentation

Sterling Allan of pesn.com has posted a pretty high quality video he recorded while at the conference. I have not yet reviewed the video for content but have seen enough to know that the audio and video is much better quality than what I was able to obtain … his video is at https The quality of the audio and video in this recording are not so good. This is a capture of a live stream someone at the conference was sending using a built in laptop microphone and camera. But its the best live material from the conference I was able to get my hands on. So for those who might have liked to attend, but could not, hope its better than a stick in the eye. for additional information about this presentation please see the BLOG entry at smartscarecrow.com Zurich E-Cat Conference September 8-9, 2012 I will be carrying the live streaming of the E-Cat conference from Zurich. Sterling Allan is supposed to be in the audience and we may be able to get questions to him. Much about this session is sort of up in the air. My understanding is that it is investor related and that the focus is on getting distribution channels in place. But there is to be an announcement related to what has been called a third party validated demonstration of the technology. Rossi said this about the report today: I do not know, but my paper tomorrow will not be anything special: it will explain a R&D work, with the description of measures made on the Hot Cat: such R&D work will have to be completed, so many

Video correlati:
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21 thoughts to “20120908 E-Cat Conference live from Zurich – Andrea Rossi’s presentation”

  1. Hope u come up with a better recording
    This was to hard to understand. Audio was
    Broken up. Would live to watch it. Looks like it could be a great break through. I have been following this from the beginning.
    Thanks for all you do.

  2. I dont understand making a presentation in 2-3 languages, pure waste of time, everybody understand english

    Its quite hard to listen since he change language to many time in a minute

    thank for the video btw 🙂

  3. it is what it is … best I could do for those who could not attend … keep an eye out for PESN to release a video that recorded on site … this is a capture of a live stream using poor equipment …

  4. agreed … but I did not have any input on the format … the conference was put on for the live attendees and we are seeing a bootleg stream here captured by a member of the audience … best I could do

  5. Sterling Allan of PESN DOT COM was live in the audience and did take some video that he is attempting to upload now … hopefully the quality of his material will be superior … this was the very best I had available to me so I got it uploaded as quickly as I could for those who are interesting in seeing what they can see

  6. Next week I’ll show to the world my TimeMachine!!! But Only on slide, ofcourse!
    It’ works, I swear!!!! Follow me!!! :-p

  7. very cool … if you and your anal probing grey alien business partners wish to give a live interview I will arrange a schedule for you on my show … I report the news and do not judge … let the audience make up their own damn minds … not my job to decide if you are a whack job or not

  8. I know, Not blaming you just couldn’t sit thru 2 hours of not being able to understand what was being said. Perhaps you could do a brief recap of the gist of the presentation on your next show? Thanks, Didn’t mean to seem critical. I know you can’t make sugar out of shit! 🙂

  9. sorry but the man hours associated with editing and rendering the three separate videos would be overwhelming … this one cost me 4 man hours trying to enhance the audio and video quality … just cannot afford any more time on it … this is best I could do with what I had to work with …

    Sterling Allan did a pretty job of cutting his camera off for everything BUT the English portions … his video is published at this point … link is in my description above …

  10. the points I was most disappointed with were …

    1) the “independent third party tests” are NOT yet complete
    2) the names of the “independent third parties” will NOT be made available
    3) the final report of the “independent third parties” will NOT be available for some time

    I was led to believe that this conference would feature the full and complete details of independent third party tests of the e-cat … as this was not the case, yawn …

    but you make up your own damn mind

  11. I had been looking forward to this event for some positive verification also so, I am disappointed as well. Thanks for your coverage.

  12. Wow !, that guy is hard to follow when you can hear what he is saying, really can’t understand him now.
    Thanx for trying anyway SC

  13. Smartscarecrow. Thanks for posting this video hope all my followers like it to. so what if its hard to understand. just the fact he got a public following is great and i am sure during the meeting there were newbes and hope it turns into an industry we can jump into. David A. Puchta

  14. I and probably a lot of us would a injoy a short explanation as to what was accoplished in this conference. Like a third party varification that it works as proposed. allso plans for production if it works. You know something short and sweet and to the point. Bob

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