CES 2013: Flip Boom Cartoon trasforma i disegni in cartoni animati su iPad

Autore: Macity

A Las Vegas Macitynet ha fatto un giro di prova con la nuova versione 3.0 di Flip Boom Cartoon ora disponibile per iPad: basta tracciare semplici disegni e scarabocchi su schermo e l’app li trasforma immediatamente in divertenti cartoni animati. Ora con supporto per iCloud, nuova interfaccia e archivio di clip art già pronte per l’uso. Flip Book Cartoon 3.0 per iPad costa 2,69 euro .

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6 thoughts to “CES 2013: Flip Boom Cartoon trasforma i disegni in cartoni animati su iPad”


  2. Dove posso trovare una custodia chiusa col gancetto dietro da attaccare ai pantaloni per l’htc one s?
    perfavore aiutatemi!!!

  3. E’ il testo satirico della canzone Total eclipse of the heart

    Pan the room.)
    Random use of candles, empty bottles, and cloth,
    and can you see me through this fan?
    (Slo-mo dove.)
    Creepy doll, a window, and what looks like a bathrobe.
    Then, a dim-lit shot of dangling balls.

    Close-up of some candles, and dramatically posing.
    Then, stock footage of a moon in the sky.
    (Bottle shot.)
    Messing up my close-up with a floating blue curtain.
    Now, let’s see who’s coming in from outside.

    (Double doors open)
    Why aren’t I reacting in this shot?
    (Ringo Starr? Lined eyes.)
    Guess I should be acting, but I’m not.

    (Doors ajar.)
    Wander through a hall with doors that magically open,
    and this classroom has a fan.
    (Open shirts.)
    Now it’s getting creepy.
    You can tell by my staring,
    it’s a long time since I’ve been with a man.

    (Stupid chair.)
    Emo Kid is throwing Slo-Mo Dove at my face.
    I guess that means that he just flipped me the bird.
    (Locker room.)
    Staring at the swim team gets you killed by a gang
    of dancing ninja men who know how to twirl.

    (Spin around. Ninjas!)
    Then, a bunch of preppies make a toast.
    (Drinking wine. Douchebags!)
    Most of it just ends up on the floor.

    And they shouldn’t fence at night
    or they’re gonna hurt the gymnasts.
    Why do they play football inside?
    Here’s another shot of fencing.
    And I’ve mostly been lit from behind.
    Watch these shadows run off.

    I walk onto a terrace where I think I’m alone.
    But Arthur Fonzarelli’s got an army of clones.
    (Fonzie’s been cloned!)
    They do the Macarena,
    but I’m still not impressed.
    They beg for me to dance with them,
    but not in this dress!
    I’ll pose like Rocky tonight!
    I’m running up a bunch of stairs.
    (Strip football, and surprise mirror!)

    Here’s where I pretend to be Eva Peron.
    Look at me, I’m lifting my arms.
    There’s nothing else to shoot,
    so zoom camera under this arch.
    Leaning on myself, because there’s two of me here.
    But now there’s only one on this shot.
    I pull my feathered hair
    whenever I see floating cloth.

    [Instrumental, but dascottjr inserted some literal dialogue.]

    (Blind possessed choir boys.)
    Get out of my way! I’ve gotta pee!
    (Zombie cult!)
    Never mind. I just went on the floor!

    Now I need to find a mop!
    (Look at me now!)
    Emo Kid wears too much makeup.
    Now, watch a bunch of half-naked guys
    (Hairless chests.)
    As they dance around in diapers.
    And I’ve joined the Glee Club of the Damned.
    (Reference joke!)
    Look, the fog machine’s on!

    What kind of private school would let in these kind of guys?
    It started out as Hogwarts,
    now it’s Lord of the Flies!
    (I hated that book.)
    I’m swaying side to side.
    These dancers need to stop.
    The gayest man on earth would call this over the top!
    I whip my head to the right!
    I’ll never go to church again.
    (I think I lost a contact lens.)

    When did spazzing out qualify as a dance?
    Kneeling like I want to throw up.
    What the effing crap?
    That angel guy just felt me up!
    Here’s a line of guys. I was wearing a dress.
    But now they’ve got me wearing a suit.
    (One kid’s running late.
    I think he’s too young for this school.)

    I’m totally shaking his hand.
    (Mullet with headlights?
    Over-surprised guy.
    Weirded out…)

  4. Monsters:
    3x Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter
    2x Caius the Shadow Monarch
    2x Super-Nimble Mega Hamster
    2x Debris Dragon
    2x Quickdraw Synchron
    2x Lonefire Blossom
    2x Dandylion
    1x Light and Darkness Dragon
    1x Tytannial, Princess of Camellias
    1x Sangan
    1x Card Trooper
    1x Morphing Jar
    1x Night Assailant

    3x Pot of Avarice
    2x Book of Moon
    1x Brain Control
    1x Heavy Storm
    1x Mystical Space Typhoon
    1x Foolish Burial

    2x Bottomless Trap Hole
    2x Dust Tornado
    2x Dimensional Prison
    1x Mirror Force
    1x Torrential Tribute
    1x Solemn Judgment
    1x Call of the Haunted
    1x Starlight Road

    Side Deck:
    2x D.D. Crow
    2x Consecrated Light
    2x System Down
    2x My Body As A Shield
    2x Pulling the Rug
    2x Swallow Flip
    2x Gottoms’ Emergency Call
    1x Trap Hole

    Extra Deck:
    3x Stardust Dragon
    2x Iron Chain Dragon
    2x Drill Warrior
    1x Red Dragon Archfiend
    1x Nitro Warrior
    1x Black Rose Dragon
    1x Junk Archer
    1x Ancient Fairy Dragon
    1x Turbo Warrior
    1x Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
    1x Ally of Justice Catastor

  5. Vorrei il nome di un programma per creare semplicemente un cartoon con tante impostazioni base per i capelli, gli occhi e tutto il resto semplice niente da animare e tutto solo un programma creo il cartoon e lo posso salvare in immagine png jpg cose così…possibilmente gratuito grazie 10 punti!!

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