Deepcool: Little Fish Don’t Stay Little Forever

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I’ve typically been a big proponent of getting smaller vendors exposure if they have some great products on hand, and my brief meeting with Deepcool suggested to me that there’s a lot of potential there. Deepcool is a startup based out of Beijing with a few solid-looking, well-priced heatsinks to their credit.

The coolers aren’t super exciting, but many have direct-touch heatpipes and all have compelling prices; the 400 in the bottom right corner looks to be competitive with the Cooler Master Hyper 212 line with its $ 29 price tag, and Deepcool is slowly making inroads towards distribution in the United States with vendors like NewEgg. They’re also working on opening an office in Los Angeles, California.

Deepcool also had on offer a line of fans, but interestingly their 140mm fan still uses standard 120mm mounts, making it an interesting upgrade opportunity for end users who want to get a little more cooling power in their system without having to run a fan at a higher speed.

Finally, Deepcool had this monster on offer. This is a heatsink with eight individual heatpipes (no direct touch cooling), and should provide pretty stellar cooling power when paired with the right 120mm fans.

As with many smaller companies it’s a wait and see approach, but we’ll be evaluating Deepcool products as they become available to let you know if you should be keeping an eye on them.


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2 thoughts to “Deepcool: Little Fish Don’t Stay Little Forever”

  1. Ciao a tutti, queste sono le caratteristiche del mio pc :
    Scheda madre : Asus P5G41T-M LX
    Processore : Intel core 2 quad 6600 2.4 @ 2.63 Ghz
    Dissipatore CPU : Arctic Cooling Extreme Rev.2
    Alimentatore : 650 W
    Ram : G.Skill Ripjaws 8Gb 1066 Mhz
    Scheda video : Ati Radeon HD5770 1Gb
    Hard Disk : 2 x 320Gb
    Dissipatore Hard Disk : 2 x DeepCool Icedisk 2

    Il flusso d’aria è questo : ventola da 8cm sul retro, piccolo dissipatore ad aria per chipset posizionato sul retro del case all’altezza dell’alimentatore, case aperto da ambi i lati con un ventilatore da 30 cm che butta aria sulla cheda madre…
    Le temperature in idle sono queste : Cpu 50°, Aux 38°, Hardisk 34°, Core 34/32/27/30°, Scheda madre 43°, Gpu 45°
    Le temperature in full load (3d studio max render) : Cpu 64°, Aux 47°, Hardisk 35°, Core 51/48/44/46°, Scheda madre 50°, Gpu 50°

    Cosa sapete dirmi? Consigli magari 😉 Fate del vostro meglio ragazzi, 10 punti al più preciso 🙂
    Mentre il render continua, le temperature salgono ancora un po’…circa 2° per la cpu e 1° per ogni core

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