[NAMM] Korg MS-20 Mini

Here’s a presentation of the Korg MS-20 Mini at the NAMM Show 2013.

Video correlati:
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24 thoughts to “[NAMM] Korg MS-20 Mini”

  1. true, not a total VA, but mostly digital – oscs, eq, noise, subosc, lfos are all digital. Sounds not as nice as the Prophet 08, but also is much more flexible in sound design than the Prophet 08.

  2. I’m looking forward to seeing comparison videos of the original versus the mini! I wonder if the surface mount components will create differences in the sound?

  3. I’ll never understand why booths at these NAMM shows don’t have a soundproof room to demonstrate each company’s products. The cacophony of background noises is enough to make you go crazy ! Everyone must be coming back from these shows with a headache.

  4. Nop. The new Moog Sub Phatty is an analog synth too. And the Prophet 12 is not a VA but rather a Wavetable/Analog hybrid, with digital oscillators and analog filters and VCAs. Get your facts straight mister.

  5. Sorry Alain, please don’t beat me up mister! The Prophet 12 is almost entirely digital: digital oscs, digital suboscs, digital noise wave, digital lfos, digital eq, digital delays…with analog filters/vca. Sounds much more digital than analog obviously, and a great Prophet VS style synth for those wanting the digital sound warmed up a bit with analog filters/vca.

  6. Some companies do get (pay for I’m sure) sound proof booths at NAMM. It’d be quite expensive and unrealistic for EVERY singe merchant to have a sound proof booth. That being said, it would be nice though.

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