Playing Notes and Chords with Push

Push, Ableton’s forthcoming instrument, makes it easy to play notes and chords in key, using the same pads for each. Always play the right notes with “In Key” mode, or switch to “Chromatic” mode for a full keyboard with in-key notes highlighted. Learn more about Push:

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27 thoughts to “Playing Notes and Chords with Push”

  1. Io produco IDM con Ableton Live 8 e con il Controller MIDI Evolution UC 33 e sto cercando qualcuno con la stessa passione e con la quale magari cazzeggiare provando a creare qualche canzone..

  2. Mi serve per comporre musica con i vari cubase,fl studio,ableton ecc..,registrare,suonare con una tastiera midi usb e soprattutto deve essere interna o esterna?

  3. I was sooooo close to buying Maschine MK2 yesterday but seeing push makes me want to wait….This plus live is the complete solution fa real

  4. Ich bin seit vielen Jahren Pianist und Keyboarder und spiele meine ganzen Midis zum produzieren natürlich auf einem normalen Key ein, aber dieses System ist schon interessant gemacht. Ein Mischung aus Klavier und Gitarre würde ich sagen.

  5. Is it possible to assign more instruments simultaneously over the 64 keys within the ïn key” mode? Let’s say I would like to play drums on the lower left 16 pads, some samples and percussion on the lower right 16 pads and maybe some bass and instruments on the top 32 pads – would this be doable? And will push still show me the different scales of the different instruments via the pad LEDs? Could I assign 4 drum racks to the 64 pads? I am so excited to play this thing….

  6. Release date 2/10/2013! Already have mine on hold with Live 9 Suite, so i can walk in and get it as soon as it GC opens!!!!

  7. I’m in the same boat as you, this would be the ultimate performing gear if you could do notes on the top and two drum machines (or samples) on the bottom. I can’t find an answer tho, and I think if they didn’t showcase it it’s prolly a no unfortunately. Hopefully this can be added in a software update?

  8. This will add a new level to any electronic music productions, the scale thing is genious for lazy guys like me, the step sequencer with quantize controls damm ive been looking for that for a long time, the chord playing, buttons, pads, oohhh ill get this by FEDEX 1 day ;).

  9. im a akai mpc 2000xl guy, and ive been writing programs to play diatonic chords with my mpc, so this thing will eliminate that, and give me instant access to the drum racks as well, so im really, really eager to try the PUSH…
    PUSH IT…

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