Customers don’t want high-speed Internet

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Time Warner says it, so it must be true

Time Warner Cable’s Chief Financial Officer Irene Esteves has written off the impact of high speed internet access is having on consumers. Google has been providing high-speed internet to Kansas City in a bid to pilot the technology in the US. The move should be scaring the Beejesus out of the cable companies but Esteves says she is not bovered.

So why are the cable companies not following Google’s Eric Schmidt, who classified Fibre as “a real business” rather than a mere experiment. Esteves told the Verge that people did not really want their Internet to go like the clappers. Esteves said the cable companies were in the business of delivering what consumers want, and stay a little ahead of what we think they will want. At that Time Warner Cable was already delivering 1 gigabit, 10 gigabit-per-second to business customers, so it certainly has the capability of doing it.

Residential customers have thus far shown little interest in the superfast broadband speeds. Only a small fraction of our customer base” ultimately choose those options, Esteves said. In otherwords if you think you want breakneck internet speeds and Time Warner does not think so then you are wrong.

Esteves said that she was not totally blind to Google Fiber’s potential but insists that no one really wants the service. While Google could reinvent until Time Warner Cable sees clear evidence of that happening, the provider is perfectly content with its current offerings.


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