Nvidia did talk to Sony about PS4

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Passed because of the economics

From a recent sighting at GameSpot, we have learned that the whispers we were hearing about NVidia having the chance to continue their relationship with Sony on the PlayStation 4 was, in fact, true. Senior VP of content and technology at NVidia, Tony Tamasi, is quoted as saying that, “…we didn’t want to do the business at the price that those guys were willing to pay.”

The revelation isn’t really that surprising, considering that NVidia has been involved in the console business with the original Xbox and, of course, the PlayStation 3. By now, NVidia surely does understand the economics of the console business; and when you have only so many engineers to allocate to projects and when it would impact the difference that the company can make on what are its core businesses, it is reasonable for the company to come to the decision that they think the economics don’t add up.

You can be sure that since AMD now has all of the console business, NVidia will definitely be watching to see how this plays out for them.

Read more from Tamasi over at GameStop.


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  1. Ho una scheda grafica Nvidia Geforce GT 420. Ieri ho aggiornato i driver e ho un proeblema con i video di youtube: c’è una barra verde in alto e il video è in bianco e nero con delle macchie rosse e blu sparse in giro.
    Come faccio a risolvere questo problema?
    Ok risolto, bastava cliccare col tasto destro sul video e disabilitare l’accelerazione hardware.

  2. Ragazzi mi aiutate a cloccare la scheda video? Io ho una 8600 GTS della NVIDIA come programmi ho RivaTuner però vorrei un pò di assistenza per l’overclock.

    Quali sono i settaggi ?

    Qualcuno mi può aiutare?

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