Samsung’s Unpacked 2013 Launch Event Live Blog

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07:31PM EDT – Time to end the live blog a bit prematurely, here’s our hands on post with full details of the Samsung Galaxy S 4! Thanks for reading!

07:29PM EDT – dual camera feature lets you capture video from both front and rear facing cameras

07:28PM EDT – Talking about dual-camera now

07:26PM EDT – removable battery

07:26PM EDT – 2600mAh battery

07:26PM EDT – 8 sensors – IR gesture and temp/humidity

07:25PM EDT – 16GB of storage built in, options for 32 and 64GB and microSD card slot

07:25PM EDT – 2GB LPDDR3 memory

07:25PM EDT – 2MP front facing

07:25PM EDT – Now talking about cameras: 13MP rear facing camera

07:25PM EDT – IR support enables universal remote functionality

07:24PM EDT – BT 4.0, IR LED and MHL 2.0 support

07:24PM EDT – 802.11ac (HT80) support

07:24PM EDT – Cat 3 100/50Mbps up to hexa band 4G LTE

07:24PM EDT – Updated look and feel

07:23PM EDT – SGS4 supports hover gestures with your finger

07:23PM EDT – Black mist and white frost – polycarbonate chassis

07:22PM EDT – 441 ppi

07:22PM EDT – 1080p

07:22PM EDT – 5-inch Full HD Super AMOLED

07:22PM EDT – Thinner than the SGS3, weighs 130 grams (vs. 132 for the SGS3)

07:22PM EDT – 136.6mm long x 69.8mm wide at 7.9mm thick

07:22PM EDT – Samsung’s Ryan Bidan took the stage

07:21PM EDT – Now showing a video of SGS4 features

07:20PM EDT – Global LTE roaming support

07:20PM EDT – Global LTE networks for all frequencies and standards will be supported

07:20PM EDT – FDD LTE and TDD LTE supported

07:20PM EDT – Available in 3G and 4G LTE versions

07:20PM EDT – Starting from the end of April

07:19PM EDT – 327 mobile operators and 155 countries will get the SGS4

07:19PM EDT – “slimmer, lighter and more solid”

07:19PM EDT – Samsung Galaxy S4: Life Companion

07:18PM EDT – Samsung Galaxy S 4 announced!

07:18PM EDT – “a companion that helps us experience life to the fullest”

07:17PM EDT – “a device that enables us to do more”

07:17PM EDT – “These ideas have been conceived from our observation of real life”

07:16PM EDT – Samsung just announced a bunch of features without announcing them

07:16PM EDT – S Health

07:16PM EDT – Group Play

07:15PM EDT – S Translator

07:15PM EDT – “Imagine touchless interfaces”

07:15PM EDT – Hinting at new features: dual camera, shot & sound, smart scroll/smart pause, air view

07:14PM EDT – Talking at a high level about what Samsung is trying to do in the smartphone space

07:14PM EDT – Samsung is “committed to innovation”

07:12PM EDT – This is a pretty insane venue with a ton of folks in attendance, Samsung is going big

07:10PM EDT – We’re seated and watching an intro video

07:10PM EDT – Here we go!

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  1. Ciao a tutti 🙂
    Oggi mi hanno regalato per il mio compleanno il samsung galaxy y pro e vorrei sapere se si può mettere la password ai messaggi. Se qualcuno di voi lo sa potrebbe rispondermi grazie 🙂

  2. volevo sapere se il samsung galaxy s2 si paga o o devi pagare 10 euro lo smartphone quindi un totale di 25 euro al mese grazie

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