BBFC ratings to appear on UK Kaleidescape Store

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Kaleidescape, the US-based movie server maker, is now licensed to present BBFC ratings to UK customers shopping in its online movie store. The BBFC is an independent, private, not for profit company which classifies films, videos, DVDs and certain video games, advertisements and trailers in the UK.

The Kaleidescape Store launched in the UK on June 6, provides internet delivery of movies matching the audio/video quality and extra content of Blu-ray discs and DVDs. Kaleidescape has flogged its movie servers in the UK since 2004. The Kaleidescape System makes it easy for customers to select and films from their entire collection of DVD, Blu-ray and downloaded movies from any television in the home.

David Cooke, Director BBFC said that it was good news that Kaleidescape has launched its UK download service with BBFC age ratings available for film content. He said that 90 per cent of parents with children under 16 consider it important to have consistent age ratings available for film downloads. By working with the BBFC Kaleidescape is fully in line with the expectations of parents in the UK.

The BBFC’s service for streamed and downloaded content was launched in collaboration with the home entertainment industry in 2008. The service provides trusted age ratings, symbols and BBFCinsight to set-top box, video-on-demand and other online content providers.

Michael Malcolm, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Kaleidescape claimed his outfit was the first movie server with an onscreen user interface and remote control designed specifically for young children.

“As we begin selling content over the Internet in the UK, it’s important that we provide BBFC age ratings for British parents to consider while selecting films,” he said.

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  5. io sono del BBFC ( Bepi Berghem Fan Club ), scrivete innansi tutto se lo conoscete e dei commenti positivi o negativi sul gruppo…

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