Will Ford admit defeat and add more buttons to Sync and MyFord Touch?

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According to a recent press release from Ford, everybody loves Sync and car owners with Sync and MyFord Touch are happier than Ford owners without. By coincidence, the happy news came out just two days ahead of the annual J.D. Power Initial Quality Survey which dinged Ford Sync the last two years.

But the release may bite Ford back. It has some analysts and editors wondering about Ford’s commitment to the current iteration of Sync and MyFord Touch because of a reference to the new Ford F-150 pickup that “blends touch screen capability with traditional buttons and knobs, a similar balance planned for future Ford vehicles.” A couple of sites, including influential Automotive News, say that means more buttons and knobs for future Ford vehicles.

“This is old news. Most of our Ford vehicles already offer models with buttons and knobs along with the MyFord Touch screen,” says Wesley Sherwood, Ford’s quality communications manager. “This includes Ford Fusion, Escape, Focus, C-Max, F-150, Super Duty [and] coming this year on Fiesta, Transit Connect, Transit.”

Ford Sync is the basic infotainment interface: USB connector, voice control, and Bluetooth. MyFord Touch and MyLincoln Touch add a touchscreen. The touchscreen layout is common across all Fords: four quadrants for four functions, with Phone upper left, Navigation upper right, Infotainment lower left, Climate lower right.

Still, Automotive News’ daily video news report noted on Monday that “Ford plans to add buttons and knobs to its often-maligned MyFord Touch infotainment system.” Monday, the Wall Street Journal reported, “The auto maker will reprise tuning and volume knobs for the radio as it redesigns existing models.”

MyFord Touch

Backstory: June is JD Power beat-up-on-Ford month

On Monday Ford issued a press release, “Sync and MyFord Touch Sold on 79% of New Ford Vehicles, New Technology Drives Quality Satisfaction.” According to Ford, Sync’s take rate is “double the sales mix of infotainment systems sold with Toyota and and Honda vehicles, up from 68% in 2012.” The MyFord Touch mix climbed to 55% in 2013 from 43% in 2012. The bottom line, says Ford, is cars “equipped with MyFord Touch have a higher rate of satisfaction with overall vehicle quality for most models compared to those that do not have the advanced infotainment system.”

2013 Ford Super Duty Platinum

Maybe it was another Monday press release to keep the Ford media site humming. Except that the past two years during the same week, Ford got hammered on the JD Power & Associates Initial Quality Survey. Ford rated fifth on the survey out of about three dozen brands in 2010. As Ford Sync and then MyFord Touch reached more vehicles, Ford’s standing dropped to below average in 2011 and then to 27th of 34 brands on the 2012 IQS.

So the release may well be Ford getting in the first punch against a survey that started out measuring manufacturing defects in the first 90 days of ownership and now, because there are so few defects, also lets owners vent about things they don’t like: uncomfortable seats, brake dust, cranky Bluetooth, or hard to use navigation.

The curious part was this section from Monday’s release: “The Ford F-150 with MyFord Touch has the highest rate of quality satisfaction across the Ford lineup, at 86 percent. The F-150 blends touch screen capability with traditional buttons and knobs, a similar balance planned for future Ford vehicles.” (Emphasis added.) Except that is what, Ford says, is on many Ford and Lincoln vehicles already… just not all of them. Some are halfway there, with a volume knob but the tuning function is an up-down button. Others, such as the Ford Super Duty pickup, have clearly defined volume and tuning knobs in the traditional location, volume on the left, tuning on the right (photo).

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    In the meantime Lysander and Hermia are lying down to have a rest and Puck, thinking that Lysander was Demetrius, sprinkles him with the magical juice. Helena arrives and seeing Lysander lying down, awakes him who immediately falls in love with her.
    Puck realizes that he pours the juice on the wrong man so Oberon tries to find a remedy putting some drops of the juice in Demetrius’ eyes too but the only result is that now both of the boys are in love with Helena and she thinks that they are both joking.
    Hermia arrives and Helena accuses her of conspiring with the men to tease her. Oberon, realizing to be the cause of all this problems, orders Puck to make a thick fog to divide the four people and drive them into a deep sleep, so the spell can wear off.
    At the end Oberon succeeds to take the boy that he wanted for him and, with the help of another flower that wipes out all the spells, the peace between him and Titania returns.
    Oberon and Puck manage to make Demetrius falling in love with Helena and Lysander with Hermia again. So Egeus is obliged to accept, embittered, the choice of Demetrius who admits that he doesn’t want to marry his daughter anymore.
    The play finishes with the wedding of Theseus and Hippolyta, Demetrius and Helena and Lysander and Hermia.

    The commedy takes place in an Athen with an indeterminated time where the greek mithology, the medioeval litterature of chivalry, the English folklore and the cheltic mithology are all mixed togheter. From the beginning we can read about the main topic of the play that is the marriage. Specifically here we can also notice that there is the theme of the marriage imposed by a powerful father on her daughter. This subjet will be developped in a tragic way in the famous tragedy of “Romeo and Juliet” that has been written is the same period of “A midsmmer night’s dream” by Shakespeare.
    Another importatant topic is the dream that is named in the title and it’s repeated lots of times during the comedy until the end where Puck underlines it again. Reading this play we also have the impression that also the world that should be the “real” one, represented by the marriage of Theseus and Hippolyta, is a dream exacly as the fairy world and all the charachters are however victim of this dream.
    In this commedy we can see three different worlds that are interlocked: the world of the reality( the lovers), the world of the reality of the theatre ( the play of the craftsmen) and the fairy world of the magical creatures that live in the wood.
    We can notice this difference also in the language of each charachter because there are

  16. Quello che voglio dire in ITALIANO:
    Le radici del razzismo sono antiche ed intrinseche, già nell’antichità vi erano nobili e schiavi, i cristiani venivano perseguitati e massacrati; negli Stati Uniti vi è stato il razzismo coloniale, nel corso del secolo scorso la presunzione di superiorità della razza ariana, proclamata da Hitler, ha causato lo sterminio di milioni di ebrei da parte dei nazisti; ed anche le stragi etniche di molti conflitti, sono state compite con motivazioni che convergono nel razzismo.
    Quando si parla di razzismo lo associamo, soprattutto, alla discriminazione verso colori di pelle diversi; ciò non è del tutto esatto perché la selezione può riguardare anche il sesso, le differenze religiose, politiche, economiche e di collocazione geografica, ed, anche se ci rifiutiamo di ammetterlo, gli handicappati o gli anziani, considerati come un peso.
    Da ciò scaturiscono gli atteggiamenti di intolleranza pressoché quotidiani che si verificano in molte parti del mondo e si concretizzano in vari tipi di violenza, che partono dagli gesti di scherno e dalle minacce, fino ad arrivare all’omicidio , verso coloro che vengono ritenuti diversi e, più di ogni altra cosa, inferiori; infatti il razzismo oltre a riconoscere le differenze, le ingigantisce, con lo scopo di dominare, legittimando così la propria superiorità.
    I corsi e ricorsi storici ci hanno reso chiaro quanto gravi e disastrose possano essere le conseguenze dei pregiudizi razzisti, ma, a dispetto di tutto ciò questi continuano ad sussistere ed a manifestarsi; viviamo in una società piena di gravi problemi, dove la violenza e gli atti criminali sono all’ordine del giorno.
    Secondo me la prima cosa da fare, per combattere la discriminazione è il conoscere e capire tutte le circostanze storiche ed economiche che l’hanno prodotta, così saremo in grado di combattere le differenziazioni e bisogna anche ricordarsi bene che valutare una razza inferiore ad un’altra non è un’opinione ma un reato.

    The roots of racism are intrinsic and old, in antiquity there were nobles and slaves, Christians were persecuted and massacred, the United States there was the colonial racism, during the last century the presumption of superiority of the Aryan race, proclaimed by Hitler, has caused the extermination of millions of Jews by the Nazis, and even the killing of many ethnic conflicts, for reasons that are making have been converging in racism.
    When it comes to associate it with racism, in particular, the discrimination of different skin colors, this is not entirely accurate because the selection may also relate to gender, religious, political, economic and geographical position, and, although there refuse to admit it, the handicapped or the elderly, considered as a burden.
    From this flows the attitudes of intolerance that occur almost daily in many parts of the world and result in various types of violence, starting from the gestures of derision and threats, until you get to murder, to those who are considered different and , more than anything, lower, because racism and recognizing differences, magnified, in order to dominate, thus legitimating its superiority.
    The twists and historians have made ​​clear how serious the consequences can be disastrous, and the racist prejudices, but, in spite of all these continue to exist and manifest itself, we live in a society full of serious problems, where violence and criminal acts are on the agenda.
    According to me the first thing to do, to fight discrimination is to know and understand all the economic and historical circumstances that produced it, so we will be able to fight and differentiation must also remember well that evaluate an inferior race to a ‘the other is not an opinion but a crime.
    Se passate e non correggete mettete la stellina.
    P.S. Gli errori scriveteli tutti in MAIUSCOLO, in modo che posso valutare più velocemente, Grazie.
    Se passate e non correggete mettete la stellina.
    P.S. Gli errori scriveteli tutti in MAIUSCOLO, in modo che posso valutare più velocemente, Grazie.

  17. qualcuno mi potrebbe aiutare a scrivere questo testo in un inglese perfetto?

    The roots of racism are ancient and inherent in ancient times there were nobles and slaves, Christians were persecuted and massacred, the United States there was the colonial racism during the last century the presumed superiority of the Aryan race, proclaimed Hitler, resulted in the extermination of millions of Jews by the Nazis, and even massacres of many ethnic conflicts, such as those in former Yugoslavia, Rwanda, Burundi, Congo and Zaire, have been taken with motivations that converge in racism.
    When it comes to racism the associate, especially the discrimination against different skin colors, this is not entirely accurate because the selection may also relate to gender, religious, political, economic and geographical location, and, although there refuse to admit it, the handicapped or elderly people, considered as a burden.
    From this flows the attitudes of intolerance that occur almost daily in many parts of the world and are reflected in different types of violence, starting from the gestures of scorn and threats, up to murder, to those who are considered different and , more than anything, lower, because racism also to recognize the differences, magnified, in order to dominate, thus legitimizing their superiority.
    The courses and historic actions have made us clear how serious and disastrous consequences of prejudice can be racist, but, in spite of all these continue to exist and to occur, we live in a society full of serious problems, where violence and criminal acts are commonplace, unemployment is a phenomenon of large proportions, where the value appears to be more important than the money is so convenient to find scapegoats to whom to attribute all the responsibility.
    Then there is the habit of talking about this phenomenon as something that concerns us, we argue that it is not right but do nothing concrete to fight it, I think there is too much hypocrisy, and that the real question we must ask is: deep down we really are sure to be really tolerant and open to anyone? It ‘easy to make proclamations or write beautiful sentences, you see how everyone would react in a real situation involving them.
    In my opinion the first thing to do, to combat discrimination is to know and understand all the historical and economic circumstances that produced it, so we can combat the differences and we must also remember well that assess an inferior race to a ‘ other is not an opinion but a crime.

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