Android Home Automation Demo | Voice + NFC

Android is a very powerful platform and the possibilities are endless. Here is a short demo of my home automation using voice control and NFC to take control…

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  3. That’s pretty stupid consider the fact that the same can be said about, “someone could steal your KEYS and unlock your house.”

  4. awsome video thumbs up all the way……..
    one question though what did you use to turn on the tv set?
    reply asap….thanks

  5. Look! an iRetard!. Destroy it!. So what is you work in a smart home industry?. Talk is cheap. Show a video of the awesomely gayness of iDumbass home automation in action. If not, then…like Pedro Carlos said, now fuck off.

  6. Opening a garage door is useful. Getting out of your car lifting a heavy door and getting back in and pulling in the garage was a problem that was solved by automatic door openers. This is cool, but does not solve problems for most of us. So much easier for an able bodied person to just unlock door flip a light switch and lock door behind. This has sooo much potential for handicapped people though. That’s seems to me what should be focused on.

  7. So what is the range for this? I have the habit of driving off and after a while not being sure if I locked my door or not.

  8. Automating your Home Cinema and creating LED-based lighting scenes for parties might well be considered a little on the showy side. But intelligent zoned heating control and ‘all out’ lighting functions are sensible, practical and energy saving ideas. Because of the wide range of uses, automating your home can either be as blingy and frivolous or as clever and useful as you like. There is so much wasted energy every day, my electricity bill already dropped 10% & It’s summer time!

  9. As far as I have noticed the entire automation is a sort of client-server based eco-system where you use the android device as a client and the hardware acting as a server, am I right?

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