Snapshot Madness: How to Use Native Instruments REAKTOR’s Snapper

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24 thoughts to “Snapshot Madness: How to Use Native Instruments REAKTOR’s Snapper”

  1. io ho provato techno ejay 5 ma mi è sembrato trpp poco serio e nn ricco di funzioni, e volevo sapere quali sn i programmi + usati dai i dj produttori.. e se lio trovo sul mulo

  2. That’s pretty cool, I’ve been using an extremely convoluted and inefficient process to basically do what snapper does. Also, that just reminded me.. I used to know a way to chop up an entire audio segment into 1/4 or 1/8 or whatever completely across the audio clip in one chop with quick key. I have completely forgotten what it was and I haven’t been able to find a search term to bring it up in the manual. Just wondering if you remember off hand.. if not, no worries.. I’ll find it

  3. Also, do you ever have sizing issues with Reaktor. Recently some of the ensembles have become impossible to see the whole thing at once and I have to scroll around in the frame. It didn’t start doing this until a couple months ago and I don’t remember even updating or installing anything. Maybe I hit a button somewhere?

  4. That does sound useful—unfortunately I don’t know how to do it. Was there a particular ensemble you were working with? Off hand, it sounds like Beat Slicer would be good for this type of application.

  5. The chopping was just in the arrange view of logic with the scissors and a quick key while making the slice, and it auto chops. I had just been experimenting with other things for a few months and completely forgot. However, snapper solves the issue and is MUCH quicker for the same result and uses up less memory usage. Beat slicer is the next thing I need to dive into.. I know how to use it in pro tools, just not logic yet. You have any tutorials on tempo mapping?

  6. Unfortunately it’s not a zoom thing.. for whatever reason it’s not sizing the frame to the size of the ensemble. Also fortunately it’s only with a few of them.. but one of my favorites.. and they used to size perfectly. The window just opens too small and doesn’t let me resize it. I should probably go check to make sure I have the latest update for my OS.

  7. Hm, are you referrering to just cutting up an audio file in same sizes within Logic?

    If so, use the scissors tool, and before cutting, hold down the alt-button, and it will slice the rest of the audio file same size as the “portion” you cut.

  8. That’s it! I was over complicating it by trying alt + everything.. but never just alt alone. Thank you stranger.. much appreciated. I always forget this since I rarely need to do it

  9. Fantastic tutorials bkallmer. You are helping greatly many people in the Reaktor community by showing them the ‘ins and outs’ of this absolutely amazing program. Many people like myself learn much easier by watching video’s of someone actually showing you how to do it rather than reading a tutorial in the Native Instruments forums. Keep up the great work!!! 🙂

  10. Hey Brent, do you have any idea how to change the sample map for vectory. I would figure that it would be the same as like in Twisted Tools Rolodex, where you can just open up the sample map editor and then click on the visual representation of the waveform in Rolodex, but obviously Vectory doesn’t have a waveform display. Thanks for all you do to demystify Reaktor.

  11. Geez, can’t believe I never saw this comment. Thanks for these kind words. And I’m with you on the preference for videos over text…

  12. Great video. I simply wish there was a way to control snapshots with MIDI-notes instead of a snapshot macro. That way, my host sequencer can have MIDI information that corresponds to the snapshot being used at the time. I had a Limelite jerry-rigged this way with a knob that controlled snapshots that I have automation-lanes cut and pasted to four horizontal snaps that performed this way. Someday I’ll eventually figure out how to create a MIDI-input-snap-select macro.

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