Mixing with “Vintage” Plugins – Eddie Kramer on Waves

Legendary producer/engineer Eddie Kramer (Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones)in the studio doing an A/B test with vintage hardware and Waves plugins….

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28 thoughts to “Mixing with “Vintage” Plugins – Eddie Kramer on Waves”

  1. indicate chi passa il turno fino alla finale dove poi scriverete il vincitore.

    1 Dire Straits-Genesis
    2 Led zeppelin-The Police
    3 Pink Floyd-Rolling Stones
    4 Beatles-Doors
    5 Eric Clapton-Bob Dylan
    6 Jimi Hendrix-Frank Zappa
    7 Bob Marley-Queen
    8 Simon and Garfunkel-Bruce Springsteen

    1vs2 3vs4 5vs6 7vs8

    vincitore(1vs2)vs vincitore(3vs4) vincitore(5vs6)vs vincitore(7vs8)

    finale fra i due vincitori della semifinale

  2. In ordine, secondo voi, chi sono i 10 migliori artisti nella storia della musica?
    Io ho fatto questa:

    1 Jack White
    2 Robert Johnson
    3 John Lennon
    4 Johnny Greenwood
    5 Kurt Cobain
    6 Jonathan Davis
    7 Jimmy Page
    8 Jimi Hendrix
    9 Angus Young
    10 Jim Morrison
    secondo voi?

  3. ragazzi, vorrei fare qualche canzone di jimi hendrix, ma come teoria sono fermo alle pentatoniche!! quali delle sue canzoni sono fatte con le pentatoniche? teoria molto semplice insomma, come foxy lady per intenderci! e magari se potevate dirmi little wing come è fatta? sono le pentatoniche degli accordi messe insieme?!

  4. I love the V and API plugins. I use the SSL too. But I use the SSL more when I’m tryin to get a specific sound outta the mix

  5. The thing to remember is that with this vintage gear, two pieces sound different, so the slight difference the plugin has isn’t really a consideration.

    If you actually own a piece of hardware gear then you may not get exactly the same sound but if you don’t then you can buy the plug in for far less and have the sound of the hardware within that natural variable that is inherently present.

  6. same here(ssl),API sounds great on everything, realy glues the mix together, only thing that i dont like about the API eq’s is they thin out a mix

  7. I wish they hadnt talked so much during the comparison. Mr. Kramer spoke up right on the first hit of the kick drum affirming its accuracy. The drum didnt even decay before he spoke. I am not doubting his ear, but his affirmation seemed a bit hasty. It didnt give me any chance to hear the comparison. Its important to me because I am really trying to decide between this package or a few pieces of SSL outboard eq. I really do trust him. I love his work. Actually a hero for me.

  8. thers no way we could tell accurately listening to this you tube video, bearing in mind also that its filmed and were hearing it recorded in that room, not directly… and if you watch the video again, he is already listening to the other before they flip it a further two times, it is the very last flip which your referring to where he cuts it off, he already heard it, so i wouldn’t judge it too much, and this is Eddie Kramer, you can trust his ear!

  9. Personally, I’ve never been a fan of the API 2500. I remember when I was introduced to this particular piece of equipment back in 2002 and I hated the way it sounded. It’s always sounded too harsh to me. Therefore, I don’t like the Waves API 2500 either because it sounds almost exactly like it…

  10. thats just toooooooooooooo CLOSE to the original thats its scary!!!! Waves did an impeccable Job on this plugin!!!

  11. the hardware has a thwack to it… a thump that hard to get with software… but is it worth thousands of dollars more? NO! The softwares are just that close and very usable.

  12. when I can´t get some specific sound ending the mix, the API and V series let me take a new point of view about many other possibilities to change the general sound the board, specifically in drums section. Starting here, we have another possibilities to change the complete course of the final mix.

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