My home automation system in an apartment

I think im the only one crazy enough to install a home automation system like this in an apartment. I did it to see just how much I could do. I am lucky that…

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20 thoughts to “My home automation system in an apartment”

  1. raga x favore potete darmi i link torrent di the sims 2 apartment life e free time??? x favore è urgente… grazie in anticipo!!

  2. “1, 2 & 3 BR Condos”

    Parliamo di appartamenti? monolocali, bilocali e trilocali? quel BR dovrebbe stare per “bed room”. Perchè usano il termine Condos e non apartment?

  3. Dude how much freetime do you have to put this stuff together and did your land lord seriously let you do that

  4. i have more freetime than most but its also been quite a while int he making. i am in a big apartment complex, i kinda just did it then let them see what I did, I think its a case of well its already done and it looks really cool so too late now 🙂

  5. i would be interested in the details on how you did all of this. how does the system know the washer is running and finished? nice video

  6. I use a power sensor between the washer and the power socket. it reports power flow in watts every 5 seconds. when it goes over 5 watts my system knows the washer has started, when it drops to below 10 watts for 30 seconds or more it knows the wash has completed

  7. That is a nice setup you have there..I have been wanted to setup my own automation but more looking for one that is voice controlled. whats the software you have running, what kind of hardware do you have install in the apartment to do all of that…love the lock on the front door, how much did everything cost you…how can i setup my own automation…i was just looking at the Hal2000 what are your thoughts about that…or the new one “castleOS”

  8. Great work Zac! I would love to know more about the OS behind all of this greatness, as I have the same living conditions but am actively looking for a warehouse to convert. Voice control would be my preferred interface though.

  9. can you post the specs on of your setup…hardware, software , etc…I would love to put one together myself…thanks

  10. can you post the specs on of your setup…hardware, software , etc

    i will love to get more info to do it myself.

    great work!

  11. Hi Zac, thx for great video, hope to see explanation of how to get all together, software, hardware etc. And hello to you from Ukraine 🙂

  12. has your neighbors or the kids tempered with you keypad? I know if I was a child I would be playing with it as soon I realize you were not home. btw Cool video

  13. I was just trying to make a set up so I could control the music inside and outside the house and maybe an intercom system using tablets. You may be my new hero.

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