Native Instruments REAKTOR’s Massive – Part 1 – Intro and Overview

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16 thoughts to “Native Instruments REAKTOR’s Massive – Part 1 – Intro and Overview”

  1. My favorite part of this ensemble is the random morphing crossfader. Biggest con .map format limited to 127 samples. Hard when you have giant sample library. Id love to see it with 16 slots and grain delay on all slots.
    I gotta dig in one day and figure it out.

  2. i have had Reaktor for about 5 years, and i have never known this powerful ensemble was in there. wow!. thanks. the ensembles get so complicated i never have time to understand them.

  3. Hey Bret, watched all 8 parts of this and was amazed at how flexible this groovebox is and thanks very much for sharing your knowledge and ensemble. After i messed about with your preset i tried to start from scratch just loading up a massive but it doesn’t play. Then i try to connect a snapper and there is no where to plug it in. Can you point me in the right direction? Thanks, man.

  4. Hey there, thanks for watching. When you say you started from scratch, do you mean you reloaded Massive itself? (Also, there’s a tutorial on Snapper on the website if that helps—can’t include links in YT comments but if you visit BW you’ll find it on the first page.)

  5. I have Komplete 7 and use Kontakt, Massive, FM8 and Absynth all the time. However, when I open Reaktor (using Logic 9) I can not for the life of me get any sound out of it. Tried to follow this tutorial, can open the ensemble, but nothing will sound.
    Any idea where to start trouble shooting?

  6. Hi, is anyone using this as a logic plug in? I love this little groove box but can’t find a way to record the audio into logic or use logic’s sequencer/automation to control it. At the moment I have to record each loop from Reaktor and then import it to logic which is very time consuming as you can imagine and it isn’t a great work around. Any help would be hugely appreciated.

  7. Thanks for getting back to me, much appreciated! I checked out some of your other tutorials, and thanks to them (without going into to much detail 😉 I realised I have been kind of an idiot in my reason-usage, so I managed to get it to work, and it was thanks to your videos, so big thanks for your helpful tutorial series!

  8. Oh, that’s good to hear… was wondering how that turned out. Now you have the whole universe of Reaktor to explore!

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