Announcing the latest generation: http://www.native-instruments.com/komplete Available March 27, 2013. KOMPLETE 9 delivers 33 products and over 120 GB of sou…

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24 thoughts to “KOMPLETE 9 and KOMPLETE 9 ULTIMATE – Out now”

  1. Your opinions are factless, can you at least throw in some specific details of why we shouldn’t buy this? Cause I would very much like to know instead of just “THIS SUCKS LOL DONT BUY HUEHUEHUE”

  2. Особо то ничего нового, кроме rickenbacker bass, session horns и actions strings, которые можно купить отдельно.

  3. Native Instruments is arguably one of the best plugin companies. I use it in basically all my productions.

    Btw this beat in the commercial is priceless!

  4. If you’re asking whether you have to be connected to the internet when you use the product, then no! You use NI’s Service Center to authorize and update your products over the internet, but to use them you can be totally offline.

  5. It’s not that good, I don’t even use it in my productions, the pianos on my casio keyboard sound better than their ‘flagship’ Concert grand piano. The strings in Session Strings sound extremely cheesy and flat. The drums in Battery 3 or better than Battery 4, don’t even know how it’s possible to downgrade drums. but they did. All synths in the factory library are completely unusable Noisy saws that aren’t even really editable. Waste of my money 499$ plus tax at GC

  6. If you guys think Komplete 9 is terrible, then it’s your loss. Don’t forget that it also takes creativity, technical skills, and flexibility to create something that sounds amazing. I’ve been able to expand my experiences with Komplete 9, and now I’m already upgrading to Ultimate.

  7. There’s different upgrades at different prices. In my case, I’ve already purchased K9 for $500 which includes the license activation code. The upgrade from K9 to K9 Ultimate gives you the hard disk with the entire contents, but does not include the license since this is for current owners of the standard K9. The upgrade costs $500, so in the end it will cost the same as to buying Ultimate from the start with the license included.

  8. I think, it’s a good solution for all the people who don’t want to spent the money in thousands of plugins. It’s great for beginners and people without a endless budget and the results are more than okay too. It’s not the best thing but it isn’t even worse.

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